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Start time for Raw is 8:00 PM EST Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

As of right now the only confirmed match is Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins who will go one on one.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


Raw begins live in Louisville, Kentucky with Seth Rollins making his way out to the ring. Rollins welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Rollins, he calls himself the undisputed face of Raw. Rollins calls himself the next WWE Champion and mentions him being on Raw’s Survivor Series team. A “you look stupid” chant breaks out and Rollins shuts down the crowd to massive heat. Rollins asks the question of who is Kevin Owens? a hero who will fight for the WWE Universe or a gutless coward and a liar. Rollins says he’s known Owens for a very long time and they broke into the business together. Rollins says the one thing you can count on with Owens is he will stab you in the back anytime he gets the chance. Rollins references previous betrayals of Owens to Sami Zayn and The New Day. Rollins says he will beat Owens in the center of he ring in the main event tonight.

Kevin Owens runs out to chase after Rollins. Owens tries to power bomb Rollins on the outside but Rollins manages to escape and run away to the back as Owens stands angrily in the ring.

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle are seen talking backstage. Orton says they already have a target on their back and there’s no reason for them to pick a fight with Omos after Omos attacked the Street Profits last week. The Street Profits overhear Orton saying he doesn’t care about the Street Profits. Orton says he meant every word and that if they have a fight with Omos, they’re on their own.

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RK-Bro & The Street Profits vs AJ Styles & Omos & Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Our opening 8-man tag team match begins with Robert Roode and Montez Ford in the ring with a lock up. Roode backs Ford into a corner and hits a cheap shot right hand. Roode hits a big shoulder tackle and Ford hits a standing drop kick. Dawkins is tagged in and Roode tags Ziggler in. Roode and Ziggler hit a double elbow strike and Dawkins makes the tag to Orton. Orton hits a stomp to Ziggler’s ankle and tags in Riddle. Riddle hits a moonsault with an assist from Orton and covers for two. Ziggler hits a drop kick and tags in Styles. Riddle hits a kick to the chest and Styles gets up and tries for a Styles clash but Riddle reverses it into a triangle submission, Styles lifts Riddle and the two fall over the top rope to the outside.

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Back live with Roode and Riddle in the ring. Roode hits a series of kicks to Roode in the corner. Roode takes advantage of a Ziggler distraction to hit a spine buster and tag Ziggler in. Ziggler hits a standing elbow drop and covers for two. Ziggler tags in Styles and after Roode calls for a tag Styles taunts Roode and tags in Ziggler. Riddle hits a knee to Ziggler’s head and crawls to the corner to tag in Orton. Orton hits a power slam and hits the DDT off the middle rope to Ziggler. Orton signals for the RKO but Roode runs in to cause a distraction.

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Raw returns live with Omos hitting a big boot to Ford. Omos tags in Roode who hits a knife-edge chop in the corner. Ziggler is quickly tagged in and he rakes the eyes of Ford in the ropes. Styles makes the blind tag and hits a back breaker. Ziggler is tagged back in and takes a cheap shot to Orton on the apron. Ziggler hits a neck breaker and covers for two. Ford hits an enziguri to knock Ziggler down and Dawkins and Roode are tagged in. Dawkins hits a spinning back elbow and a suplex to Roode. Omos makes the tag and gets in the ring and slams Dawkins. Ford dives in but Omos catches him and throws him outside the ring. Riddle tags in and hits a drop kick but is planted with a slam from Omos. Omos goes to tag Styles but Ziggler runs in to make the tag as the heel team begins to fall apart fighting with each other on the outside. Ziggler sneaks in a cover on Riddle and gets the three count.

Winners: AJ Styles & Omos & Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

After the bell Orton runs in to RKO Ziggler as he grabs Riddle and goes to the back.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio make their way out to the ring to meet Adam Pearce in the ring as commentary has no idea what’s going on in the ring.

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Raw continues live with Pearce in the ring with the Mysterios. Pearce says that he wants to talk about Survivor Series. Pearce says the pressure is on for Raw this year. Pearce says that he made a huge mistake, he says every member of team Raw is a former WWE Champion, except for Dominik and that is a problem for him. He says Dominik has potential but he wants Raw to win. Pearce says Dominik is still on team Raw unless he loses in a match with “this man” Pearce leaves the ring and walks to the back. Making his way out to face Dominik is Bobby Lashley with MVP by his side.

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Bobby Lashley vs Dominik Mysterio

The match begins with Lashley backing Dominik into the corner. Dominik tries a headlock but Lashley slams him down and hits a running shoulder tackle. Lashley hits a corner spear and goes for a vertical suplex but Dominik breaks free and goes to the top rope but Lashley catches in mid air. Dominik escapes and pulls the top rope to send Lashley to the outside. Lashley catches a diving Dominik and slams him head first into the ring post. Lashley throws Dominik back in the ring and applies the hurt lock and Lashley breaks the hold before Dominik can tap out. Lashley throws Dominik outside the ring. Outside Lashley hits a big boot to Rey and slams Dominik into the ring post again. Back in the ring Lashley hits a spear and locks in the hurt lock again and Dominik taps out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Seth Rollins approaches the Alpha Academy and asks about Owens. Gable mentions his newly earned master’s degree and confirms to Rollins that Owens is a liar.

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Big E vs Chad Gable

The match begins with a lock up and Big E hits a back elbow. Big E hits a series of right hands to Gable on the apron and Big E hits a running splash to Gable on the apron. Gable hits a dragon screw leg whip and continues to work Big E’s leg with a submission hold on the mat. Gable hits a chop block and Big E goes for a suplex but Gable reverses and hits a belly to belly suplex of his own. Gable goes up top and hits a moonsault and covers for two. Gable hits a roll through German suplex into a pin attempt for two. Big E catches a running Gable and slams him to the mat. Big E hits the big ending and covers for three.

Winner: Big E

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Back live with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville speaking with various women’s wrestlers in the locker room. Deville says there will be a fatal 5 way match where the winner will receive a championship match against Becky Lynch. Doudrop calls out Deville and asks why she wasn’t on the Survivor Series team. Doudrop asks why she wasn’t given a chance when Bianca Belair was given a chance and lost last week. Both Natalya and Nikki A.S.H. say they deserve opportunities. Carmella taunts Nikki and Rhea Ripley defends her tag team partner as everyone in the room begins to argue with each other.

Backstage in an interview Rey Mysterio provides a medical update saying that Dominik strained his neck. Austin Theory sneaks in to take a selfie with the injured Mysterio as nobody there notices.

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24/7 Championship

Reggie vs Drake Maverick

The match begins with a lock up. Maverick goes for a quick cover for a one count. Reggie avoids a lariat via a flip and hits a drop kick. R-Truth runs out to the ring and Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander run in to take R-Tuth out. Maverick sneaks in with a roll up for three.

Winner: Drake Maverick

After the bell Akira Tozawa runs in to pin and win the title, Corey Graves then pins Tozawa and Byron Saxton rolls up Graves for a pin, and then maverick wins the title again, runs to the ring and Reggie gets a cover to win the title again and run away as the champion.

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Bianca Belair vs Carmella vs Queen Zelina vs Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley

Before the bell Carmella and Zelina attacking Belair from behind. Ripley and Morgan run out to start an all out brawl outside the ring before the match even begins.

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Back live with the match officially beginning. Ripley and Belair stare down from across the ring but Zelina and Carmella attack them from behind and a brawl ensues outside the ring. Back in the ring with Ripley and Belair again, the two lock up and exchange waist locks but Carmella and Zelina again break them up. Ripley takes out both Carmella and Zelina by herself but Zelina is able to hit a chop block to bring Ripley down. Carmella and Zelina double team Ripley and Carmella hits a super kick. Carmella goes for a pin but Vega breaks the fall up as the heel alliance crumbles. Morgan runs in and is quickly sent out by Carmella and Zelina. Ripley dodges a chop from Carmella that ends up hitting Zelina. Zelina goes for the double knees in the corner but Ripley rolls out of the ring. Morgan runs in to hit a running knee to Carmella. Morgan hits an enziguri to Carmella and covers for a two count broken up by Zelina. Ripley throws Zelina across the ring multiple times and then hits a knee to Zelina’s head. Belair runs in to spear Zelina in the corner. Ripley hits Carmella with a drop kick and goes for Zelina who hits a tornado DDT on Ripley. Belair picks Zelina up and slams her to the outside to take out all of her four opponents at once.

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The match continues live with Morgan and Zelina going for a superplex on Ripley. Belair runs in and power bombs Morgan and Zelina both by herself. Ripley hits Belair with a drop kick and Carmella hits Ripley with a super kick. Belair goes for the kiss of death but Ripley escapes and hits the riptide and covers but Morgan breaks it up. Morgan hits Ripley with a huricanrana and goes for a cover that Zelina breaks up. Zelina hits the double knees to Morgan in the corner. Belair hits the kiss of death to Zelina and covers but Doudrop runs in to pull Belair off and out of the ring. Back in the ring Morgan gets a crucifix pin on Carmella for the three count.

Winner: Liv Morgan

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Back live before our scheduled main event with Austin Theory coming out to the ringside area. Theory walks by commentary to take selfies with each commentator and tries to take a selfie with Big E and Big E smacks the phone out of Theory’s hand.

Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens

Before our main event can begin Owens runs in the ring and begins attacking Rollins before the bell. Rollins runs to the crowd area as Owens chases.

*Commercial break*

Back live with our main event beginning with Owens unleashing a series of punches and chops. Rollins rolls out of the ring and once back in Owens hits a back elbow and more chops in the corner. Rollins rolls outside of the ring to avoid a cannon ball. Owens follows Rollins outside and hits a lariat followed by a senton outside. Owens hits a cannon ball to Rollins against the barricade. Owens goes to the top rope and Rollins rolls out of the ring, Owens grabs Rollins on the apron and tries a package piledriver but Rollins avoids it and goes for a suplex, Owens throws Rollins off the apron off the announce table and Owens goes for a senton but Rollins brings his knees up to counter.

*Commercial break*

Our main event continues live with Rollins hitting a knee to Owens off an Irish whip. Rollins locks in a bear hug on the mat but Owens manages to break Rollins’ grip. Rollins rises up and hits a kick to Owens’ knee. Rollins hits a snap suplex and covers for two. Owens hits a DDT and Rollins hits with a sling blade. Rollins goes for a frog splash but Owens rolls out of the way. Owens goes up top and hits a frog splash and covers for two.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Owens hitting a super kick. Owens springs off the ropes to hit a big lariat. Owens climbs to the top rope but Rollins pops up with a chop to stop Owens. Rollins climbs up and goes for a superplex but Owens reverses into a fisherman’s suplex off the top rope. Owens crawls to a cover but Rollins puts his foot on the bottom rope at two. Rollins hits the pedigree and covers for a two count. Rollins climbs to the top rope but Owens meets him in the corner, Rollins goes through the legs and picks Owens up for a buckle bomb. Rollins goes for the stomp but Owens counters with a pop up power bomb, Owens goes for the cover for a two count. Rollins escapes the stunner and hits an elbow to Owens’ neck. Owens rolls outside and Rollins runs and dives to Owens into the barricade by the announce table. Rollins runs back into the ring and Owens tries to run back in but collides with Big E which knocks Owens down for a second as the ref counts to 10 ending the main event in a count out.

Winner by Count Out: Seth Rollins

After the bell Owens attacks Big E and throws him into the stairs. Owens hits a pop up power bomb on the apron. WWE officials try to separate Owens from Big E as Raw goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s Raw. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Monday for more Raw coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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