‘Superstar’ Billy Graham was hospitalized due to a few conditions, but he seems to be doing better now. Graham also made it clear that his issues had nothing to do with his history of steroid use. Still, the company where he entertained millions wanted to check up on him to make sure he was okay.

The WWE Hall of Famer updated his Facebook to let fans know that he was just contacted by WWE. This Facebook post did not reveal exactly who called Graham, but the company obviously wanted to touch base with him after hearing that his health was a bit rocky for a bit.


Yes fans, what a surprise Valerie had this morning and then I had
when after I got out of the shower that a man from the WWE had
called to check on my health condition. I said, wow….that is strange… what did he say. She said well, ” He just introduced himself and I recognized his name. Then he said that ” WE ” wanted to find out how Billy is doing and wish him a speedy and successfully recovery, and get him back on track “. A few other things were said and that was it. Of course I won’t reveal his name out of courtesy to him and the WWE. So, I will say here and now, ” Thank you WWE for checking up on me “

And also thank you fans for such a great response on the Don Muraco post and especially Shawn Nobre for posting these 2 shots you see here. Damn !!!!! Just look at the size of Don’s guns in this flex shot !!! I bet they were right at a good 22 inches !!!! Vince should have used Muraco with the Wiz to kick Bob Backlund’s ass and become the new WWF champ !!! Just a note about managing Don Muraco. Here you have a man that looks like a tank and good work and cut promos …..so what is a baby face manager supposed to do ? You can’t pull a leg, you can’t interfere. It does no good what so ever to manage as a baby face. All Arnold Skaaland was, was a prop for Bruno. Walked him to the ring and pulled up a chair and and sat down. Peace…..SuperStar

We’re hoping for the best, because ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham was a trailblazer who inspired generations that followed in his footsteps. WWE gets a lot of gruff from fans and critics alike for being callused in nature, but this was certainly a humane gesture to reach out and check on a legend as he recuperated after a stay in the hospital.

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