Edge and Seth Rollins had quite the battle at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, but as it would turn out, Edge wasn’t all that thrilled to go, he recently stated. Rollins and Edge had quite the feud leading up to the encounter as well…one that spanned a few months (and technically years if you count their very first encounter, way back), much to the delight of fans.

He did have great things to say about referee, Jessika Carr. It was while speaking to The Kids on the Escalator Podcast, that he let his feelings be known about Crown Jewel itself and the referee he had for the match.

“I had SummerSlam coming up with Seth, and Charles Robinson wasn’t going to be there. I’m at the stage of my career where I’m a little picky when it comes to who refs because there is a comfort level and you find a zone together. It’s one less thing as a talent that I have to concern myself with because I know that person is going to be there.

Charles wasn’t going to be at SummerSlam and I talked to him about Jess, ‘should we give her a shot because I’ve watched her and she’s good. Let’s see how she does.’ He thought it was a great idea. We took a test run at SummerSlam and she is so confident and really good. She wasn’t shy or timid, she took control of the situation and I always appreciate when someone does that.


We had MSG and I said, ‘I think you have to do part two, kiddo.’ When they asked me about blowing off the story in Saudi Arabia, I wasn’t too keen on going, I’ll be honest, but as we talked and they said ‘we need it there,’ I said, ‘Lets get Jess to ref there,’ not knowing if we’d be able to. I just loved the idea of a woman being in control of two men in that country.

If it flew over a lot of heads, whatever, but for me, I can come back to my girls one day and tell them ‘I went over there.’ I think we did something cool. She was right there for everything, not overwhelmed by the moment, and stood up to the challenge. It was really cool to see.”

At the end of the day, the match went off without a hitch, for sure, and fans and Edge walked away rather happy, it would seem. He hasn’t returned to TV since, but Rollins has since entered into the race and feud with Big E for the WWE Championship – in a feud that’s starting to look like it will be pushing the boundaries of just what a classic ‘heel’ in the pro wrestling industry is, and what a ‘face’ is, as we saw on Raw last night. More on that in weeks to come.

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Domenic Marinelli

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