Ring of Honor is trying to reimagine and reinvent itself. Many of ROH’s top stars already left the promotion, and several others were on their way out as well. Now they won’t have a choice, because the company is nixing all contracts.

As previously reported, ROH has released every single wrestler on their roster. This was move that sent shockwaves throughout the pro wrestling world. Dave Meltzer spoke about the matter on Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained how ROH will carry on once their hiatus is over.

The basic gist of everything is that they won’t be running with a contracted crew. So they’ll essentially be an independent promotion and they will use whoever the top independent guys who for the nights that they do shows and the nights that they do television. You know if they have people on TV doing programs they will not be able to protect them from going to WWE or AEW or Impact or anyone who wants to sign them to contracts. It’s gonna be really tough for a champion. It would probably be best for them to have a champion who is signed to a contract with someone they do business with.

This is definitely an interesting move on ROH’s part. The promotion occupied a similar niche to pre-rebranding NXT, and more recently, AEW. However, AEW’s meteoric success made it clear that ROH would have to take some drastic measures. The pandemic didn’t help matters either.


It was earlier also rumored that the Sinclair Broadcasting company was planning to cut off ROH. However, ROH is now hoping to return with live shows in April next year. Here’s hoping that this new “independent” model works out for them.

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