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Tonight’s spooky themed episode of NXT will be hosted by L.A Knight, and feature a special appearance from none other than Chucky. Most titles are on the line tonight, the main event of which sees Tommaso Ciampa put the NXT Championship on the line against Bron Breakker. Meanwhile on the women’s side of things, Raquel Gonzalez defends against Mandy Rose in a match where the stipulation will be decided by the wheel.

Toxic Attraction have the chance to leave tonight will all the gold as the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion’s, Io Shirai and Zoey Stark, will defend their titles in a “Scareway To Hell” Ladder Match against Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta, and Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Also tonight, Imperium will face MSK for the NXT Tag Team Titles, with the stipulation also yet undetermined; Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes will venture into Dexter Lumis’s haunted house to get the North American Championship back, and we’ll see the debut of Solo Sikoa, as well as a yet-unnamed star.

That’s the preview for tonight’s Halloween Havoc edition of NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


Halloween Havoc

This year’s Halloween Havoc episode of NXT opens with a video of Chucky talking about Halloween. Chucky says he loves it because things get a little more violent, and with him on hand it’s guaranteed to get a lot more violent. Chucky hypes the matches for tonight’s show.

Scareway To Hell Ladder Match

(C) Io Shirai & Zoey Stark Vs. Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta Vs. Toxic Attraction

The match gets underway and Toxic Attraction is attacked by the other two teams and cleared from the ring. Io and Stark knock Hartwell and Pirotta out of the ring, then Shirai goes out to get a ladder. Stark gets distracted by Jayne and Dolan hits her with a botched hurricanrana. Indi gets in the ring and Persia slides a ladder inside, then they team to splash Toxic Attraction in the corner. Persia lifts the ladder and runs it into both of them and they roll out.

Indi and Persia erect the ladder but Stark and Shirai dropkick them off, then both start climbing. Jayne comes in and shoves the ladder over, sending them both into the ropes. Jayne slides the now-bent ladder under the ropes and Gigi puts a new one in but Stark clocks Jacy with a superkick. Dolan and Stark drop each other with headkicks, meanwhile Indi and Persia attack Io by the announce desk. They bridge a ladder between the apron and table and look to suplex Shirai but she counters with a double DDT.

Shirai gets inside and dropkicks a ladder into Gigi and Jacy, then sets the ladder up. Io climbs up but Indi jumps onto the other side of the ladder and forearms her off. Stark jumps onto the ladder and trades blows with Hartwell, meanwhile Persia sets up a bigger ladder beside them. Dolan knocks her down and climbs up but Indi and Stark step over to her ladder. Jayne gets in but Stark throws Gigi off the ladder onto her. Shirai jumps onto Indi’s back while she’s on the ladder but Pirotta drags them down.

Persia then tips the ladder over and Stark falls off onto the ropes and springboards off with a dive onto the others on the floor. Pirotta sets the ladder back up and starts climbing but Dolan and Shirai run in to stop her. Persia drops Shirai on the buckles, then lifts Dolan and powerbombs her into a ladder! Jayne climbs the ladder and gets a hand on the belts but Persia drags her off, only for Jacy to hurricanrana her into a ladder! Io throws Jacy off the ladder and she lands flush on a ladder leaning on the ropes.

Shirai then hits a springboard moonsault to Jayne on the ladder! Indi, Stark and Persia return and Zoey drops Pirotta onto a ladder, then attempts a 450 splash but lands horribly on her own leg. Hartwell slams Zoey on a ladder, then starts climbing opposite Shirai. Io knocks her down but Indi then tips the ladder over and Io crashes into the ladder bridged between rope and announce desk. Hartwell climbs the ladder but Jayne returns and drags her down, allowing Dolan to retrieve the belts!

Winners and New Women’s Tag Team Champion’s: Toxic Attraction

We see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams approaching an old house in the middle of nowhere with lightning striking. They need to get the North American Championship back from Dexter Lumis and Johnny “Jigsaw”. Neither of them want to get out of the car. Hayes has to convince Trick to get out and they start walking around the outside of the house where there’s some spooky people in costumes. We see Lumis and Gargano watching on monitors inside the house and Johnny says he “Home Alone’d the crap out” of the house. Hayes mistakes a child for Gargano and Johnny is offended. Trick and Hayes get inside and we’ll see more later.

Grayson Waller is on the ramp dressed like Dracula. He says he doesn’t know what happened L.A Knight but he’s here to save the show. Backstage the hottest party is happening with the hottest women. He starts talking about the women and their skimpy outfits when Joe Gacy interrupts him. Gacy says Waller’s mind is corrupt and the reason why Halloween is not inclusive. It’s a holiday that sexualises and exploits. So to balance that out he’s here to set an example.

Joe Gacy Vs. Malik Blade

Blade dropkicks Gacy the second he gets in the ring. Gacy then turns the tables and stomps Blade down, then whips him to the corner and hits an STO. We see security camera footage of someone walking slowly up the building, similar to Michael Myers. Gacy suplexes Malik, then splashes him in the corner before throwing him out of the ring. Harland then appears at ringside wearing Myers’s signature coveralls and chokes Blade but Gacy convinces him to stop. Blade gets back in the ring but gets caught with a springboard lariat and pinned.

Winner: Joe Gacy

We see a Halloween party backstage with everyone dressed-up and Grayson Waller is making his way around, talking to everyone. Cameron Grimes appears in a spacesuit and fumbles his chances with two girls.

Diamond Mine makes their entrance and Malcolm Bivens offers the locker room an open challenge against any of them.

*Commercial Break*

Odyssey Jones Vs. Roderick Strong W/Diamond Mine

Strong grabs the leg but gets shrugged off. Strong lands a forearm and lots of chops but Jones hits him with a flapjack. Jones whips Strong to the corner and splashes him, then delivers repeated shoulders. Strong gets on Jones’s back with a sleeper but gets thrown off. Strong kicks the knee of Jones a few times and attacks him with ground-and-pound. Strong targets the leg with stomps and a submission.

Jones kicks Roderick out of the ring. Strong rushes back in but gets caught with a body slam and a shoulder-breaker. The Creed Brothers get on the apron to distract Jones and he knocks one off, then throws the other into the ring and clotheslines him over the ropes. Roderick uses the distraction to hit Odyssey with a leaping knee, then slowly rolls him over and covers for the win!

Winner: Roderick Strong

Imperium are interviewed backstage and speak in German and Italian, and there just so happens to be subtitles there with their whole sentences already laid out. They say the mat is sacred, and that’s why they’re going to take the Tag Titles from MSK tonight.

*Commercial Break*

We’re backstage with the Halloween party again. Duke Hudson says he feels for Cameron Grimes, so Grimes says he’ll see him next week in the poker room. Robert Stone is dressed like Elvis and he shouts at Xion Quinn, then flicks him in the head, so Quinn puts him through a nearby table.

Mandy Rose is in the ring waiting for her first title shot. The camera cuts outside where we see Raquel Gonzalez riding a motorbike. She rides the bike into the arena and around the ring, then up the ramp to the wheel. Raquel spins the wheel to learn the stipulation for this match and it lands on ‘Chucky’s Choice’. We see Chucky and he picks a “Trick or Street Fight” and they just happen to have a graphic with the rules ready instantly.

NXT Women’s Championship

Trick Or Street Fight

(C) Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Mandy Rose

They start brawling right away and Rose beats her into the corner. Rose wants a suplex but Gonzalez shoves her into the corner and splashes her. Rose gets a Kendo stick and attacks Raquel when she gets out of the ring. Rose lands four or five shots until Gonzalez fights back and throws her into the plexi-glass barricade. Raquel attempts a big boot against the ring post but Mandy dodges her and slams her head into the post. Rose targets the leg as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Raquel is beating Mandy on the floor. Raquel slams her into the announce desk, then hits her in the back with the Kendo stick. Rose shoves a chair into Raquel, then traps her by putting the Kendo between her and the arms. Rose hits Gonzalez with a leaping knee and she falls backwards in the chair. Rose pins her but the referee won’t count because they’re not in the ring. Mandy goes under the ring and gets some weapons but turns around and Gonzalez is standing on the announce desk wearing a hockey mask and she sprays her with a fire extinguisher.

Raquel military presses Mandy through the ropes into the ring, then snake eyes her into a chair in the corner. Rose is put in the corner and Raquel looks for a boot but she ducks out of the ring. Raquel goes out and connects with a big boot on the floor, then tosses Mandy into the steel steps. Gonzalez puts the bottom half of the steps on the apron while Rose gets in the ring. Rose kicks Raquel then throws her into the steps on the apron. Rose covers for a near-fall and she’s getting angry.

Raquel is on the apron and Rose grabs an arm and attacks her with forearms and knees. Rose wants her finish but Gonzalez flips her over to get away. Raquel tackles Mandy through a table propped up in the corner and both women are down. Gonzalez covers but Rose kicks out! Gonzalez leans against the ropes when suddenly a hooded woman hits her in the back with a shovel! Rose then hits Raquel with a leaping knee and pins for the win!

Winner and New NXT Women’s Champion: Mandy Rose

The hooded figure is the same one from the vignettes we’ve been seeing for weeks. Dolan and Jayne come out to celebrate with Rose and they all leave together. The hooded figure stands over Raquel, then takes off the hood to reveal that it’s Dakota Kai!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes inside Dexter Lumis’s haunted mansion. They’re sulking around inside the house and see more costumed people and slightly creepy sights. Andre Chase is there and he says he came for a field trip but now he can’t find them. Trick and Hayes tell him his students are dead and ask him to lead the way. Gargano and Lumis leave their room and play tricks on them. Zombies grab Chase and Gargano grabs Hayes.

Trick is then scared off by Lumis and he’s running around by himself, avoiding the masked figures. Hayes reappears and they find the North American Championship but Gargano and Lumis grab them from behind. Hayes and Trick run outside and fight off more zombies. Lumis and Johnny return but let them run away for some reason. Gargano tells Lumis his house is weird and next year they’re doing Halloween at his place.

Grayson Waller is in the ring again and promots his social media, but then LA Knight comes out dressed in the same outfit. Knight tells Grayson to get out of his ring because he’s the real host. Waller accidentally admits that he caused Knight car problems, and tries to blame it on Chucky. Out comes the newest signing, Solo Sikoa. Knight shoves Waller into Sakoa and he belly-to-belly suplexes him over the ropes, and Knight bails. Sakoa could literally pass for one of The Uso’s.

Bron Breakker is backstage warming-up with resistance bans but turns around and Chucky is sitting inside his locker. He smiles and keeps exercising.

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NXT Tag Team Championship’s

Lumber-Jack O’Lantern Match

(C) MSK Vs. Imperium

The wheel chose the stipulation for this match and a bunch of costumed Superstars surround the ring. We start with Nash Carter and Fabian Aichner, and Aichner throws him with a waistlock. Nash flips out of a wristlock and ducks a clothesline, but gets caught with a body slam. Barthel tags in and takes the wrist but Carter hits a jawbreaker, kicks his knee, hits a dropkick and tags Lee for a tope over the ropes.

Barthel backs Lee into the corner and kicks him. Barthel hits a snapmare and a running kick before posing. Barthel tosses Lee over the ropes but he hangs on and drags himself back inside. Lee attacks Barthel and sends him over the ropes. The lumberjacks surround Barthel and he starts brawling with them. Aichner joins him in the fight, then Lee and Carter hit stereo suicide dives to take Imperium down as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Barthel is beating Carter in the corner. Lee tags in and lands a flurry of kicks. Aichner comes in and MSK double-team him. Aichner catches both of them on his shoulders and squats them, then hits a rolling fireman’s carry. Aichner tags Barthel and lifts Carter but gets hurricanrana’d through the ropes. Lee leaps at Barthel on the ropes but he moves out of the way and Lee flies out of the ring onto the lumberjacks!

Nash then jumps on the top rope and grabs Aichner for a cutter from the top rope onto the lumberjacks. Everything breaks down and the lumberjacks brawl amongst each other and away from ringside, leaving the two teams alone. MSK knock Aichner out of the ring and double-team Barthel for a near-fall. They look to hit him with their tag finish but Aichner returns and breaks it up. They knock Carter down, then hit Lee with the Imperium Bomb for the win!

Winners and New NXT Tag Team Champion’s: Imperium

Chucky is back on-screen and he says it’s time for the main event. He says he’s sure Bron Breakker was kept awake at night when his Daddy read him stories about a psycho killer. Well tonight his nightmares come true when he meets Tommaso Ciampa in the ring.

NXT Championship

(C) Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Bron Breakker

Tommaso is dressed like Kratos from God of War. They shove each other before locking-up and Breakker forces him to the ropes. Breakker grabs a headlock but gets shoved off and hits a shoulder tackle that sends Ciampa flying out of the ring. Ciampa takes a moment before getting back in. Ciampa hits a drop-toe-hold and grabs a headlock.

Breakker fights up and hits a shoulder, then a wrestling roll and slams Ciampa a few times. Ciampa then ducks the shoulder block and catches Breakker with a bodyscissors. Ciampa transitions to a rear chinlock but Bron fights out but Ciampa backs him to the corner and chops him. Ciampa hits the ropes for the running forearms but Breakker catches him with a spinebuster.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Breakker is still in control of the Champion. Breakker goes up top and jumps at Ciampa but gets caught and rolled-up for a near-fall. Ciampa lands some forearms against the ropes but Breakker hits the ropes and connects with another shoulder tackle that sends Tommaso out of the ring. Breakker gets him back inside and gets on the apron but Ciampa grabs him for Willow’s Bell and scores a near-fall.

Ciampa lands some right hands and a knee but Breakker then catches him with a Frankensteiner and a double-arm powerbomb for a near-fall. Breakker lifts Ciampa up but the Champion counters and both men are down. They slowly get up and trade punches and Ciampa forces Breakker to the corner. Bron sends him out of the ring and goes after him. Part of the floor padding has been lifted up and they brawl around it.

Ciampa counters Breakker, then DDT’s him onto the concrete! Ciampa gets Breakker into the ring and the challenger is bleeding from the head and mouth. Ciampa hits the Fairytale Ending but Breakker kicks out! Ciampa is shocked. Ciampa hits a running knee to the head, then two more, followed by another Fairytale Ending, and that does the job.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

That’s it for this year’s NXT Halloween Havoc. Let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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