WWE superstar Elias revealed he was caught off guard by the news that WWE had release Bray Wyatt. The 33-year-old also had high praise for the “Eater of the Worlds” and referred to him as a “great guy.”

In an interview with Brandon Kravitz’s show, Elias said the cuts are “just a sad part of the business.” He added that sometimes wrestlers would ask for their releases while sometimes “they don’t even see it coming.”

“You know, any time any of our friends gotta go separate ways and things like that and sometimes they ask for it, sometimes they don’t, they don’t even see it coming. It’s just a sad part of it man…”

WWE’s resident singer also said the news about Bray Wyatt’s release was a shocker and it “caught me off guard,” adding that Wyatt has got a great mind for wrestling and would succeed wherever he goes.

“…Bray Wyatt, he is a great guy and I’m absolutely certain whatever he wants to do and put his mind to, the guy’s mind for wrestling is — he’s incredible and I think everybody knows that with The Fiend and Bray Wyatt, everything he’s been through so, yeah, it caught me off guard but I don’t know what the personal situation was going on. But you know, it’s a crazy time in the wrestling world and I am sure that Bray Wyatt, whatever he puts his mind to is gonna be a success.”

WWE released Bray Wyatt as part of their budget cuts in July this year. The news came as a total shock since Wyatt was seen as a major merchandise mover and compelling storyteller inside the ring.

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