NXT 2.0 debuted last month and brought about a significant number of changes to the product. However, not all of the changes were met with a positive reception. This is especially the case when it came to the overall presentation and feel of NXT. It seems Paul Heyman sent a warning to the new wrestlers on NXT 2.0 recently.

NXT 2.0 came about after undergoing a variety of changes compared to the previous version of NXT. This is especially true regarding the kinds of talent the company hires now.

While speaking to Rick Ucchino, Roman Reigns’ Special Counsel Paul Heyman talked about NXT 2.0. Heyman is more than aware of how different things are in NXT right now. Heyman then stated that NXT 2.0 has no space for deadwood.”

“Every single person in NXT 2.0! If they don’t earn their spot, if they don’t earn their position, if they don’t earn their place on the roster, they are gone. That’s it. It’s not happening. There is not going to be a lot of deadwood in NXT 2.0. They are either going to be a superstar for tomorrow, or they can ply their trade elsewhere. So, I keep my eye on that entire roster because the future of WWE, the future WrestleMania main eventers, the superstar that will main event the first WrestleMania in Moscow, or Havana, or on the moon is coming out of NXT 2.0. So I keep a very close eye on that product.”

NXT 2.0 is focusing on an entirely different direction with talents. We will have to wait and see if the system has also changed or not as the company will certainly need to produce new stars.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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