While the last couple of years have been quite tough for the whole world, 9-year-old Tony Ochoa overcame some exceptional hardships. It seems that the universe has taken notice of little Tony’s challenges and now his luck is turning around. Sasha Banks gave him a visit and made this young fan’s day in a huge way.

Like many other kids his age, Tony loves pro wrestling. What sets Tony apart is that he has beaten cancer, not just once, but twice. After seven years of treatments, including chemotherapy, 15 blood transfusions, 11 surgeries, and 34 spinal taps, Tony was finally declared cancer-free in August.

It seems that Tony’s strength, courage, and his love for wrestling caught the eye of a WWE star. ABC News 7 reported that Tony was invited to Chase Center in San Francisco to attend Monday Night Raw, by none other than Sasha Banks. Tony himself has expressed his joy saying, he “screamed out loud.” She previously sent him a care package when he was fighting cancer and she was more than happy to give him tickets this time around.

Tony was accompanied to Chase Center by his great uncle and his two cousins. Tony’s great uncle, Raul Garcia also acknowledged the awesomeness of the event and expressed his awe of Tony.

He’s just so much of a warrior he’s not thinking of cancer. He’s thinking about living, nothing is going to stop him or break him.

While Sasha Banks did not win her fight on Monday, she’s undoubtedly still a winner in Tony’s eyes. Tony even described her as the boss, and said that he still loves her!

This is just the kind of story we needed today. You can check out the heartwarming news report below.

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