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Tonight’s NXT is set to be an action-heavy one that will be headlined by Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defending his North American Championship against Santos Escobar. The NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa, will also be in action, as he’s set to face Joe Gacy. Should Gacy win, he will be added to the title match between Ciampa and Bron Breakker at Halloween Havoc.

Elsewhere tonight, Pete Dunne teams with Ridge Holland one last time to face Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagoner, Ivy Nile of Diamond Mine will make her in-ring debut, and we will see the second edition of Lashing Out With Lash Legend. We’ll likely see more from Johnny Gargano and co., Franky Monet, and some tag team action.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!

NXT 2.0

NXT opens with Hit Row arriving at the arena earlier today when a black SUV pulls-up behind them and Legado Del Fantasma attack! They beat down and kidnap Adonis, B-Fab and Top Dolla, leaving Swerve alone on the ground.

We go live to the Captiol Wrestling Centre and Joe Gacy is sitting in the ring. Gacy claims Tommaso Ciampa is toxic. Gacy says he represents the fans, his snowflakes, and he will bring transparent inclusivity to the NXT Championship at Halloween Havoc.

Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Joe Gacy

The match starts and Gacy wants a handshake but Ciampa kicks it away. Ciampa beats Gacy into the corner and he crawls away. Gacy hits a shoulder tackle and takes a sleeper but Ciampa fights up and connects with a back elbow. Gacy sends Ciampa to the ropes and lands a backbreaker for a one-count. Gacy stomps Ciampa in the corner and looks up to see Harland watching from the crowd again. Ciampa uses the distraction to beat Gacy back and hits a running knee in the corner.

Gacy goes outside and Ciampa goes out to bring him back in. Gacy bails to the outside again and he grabs Ciampa’s feet but gets kicked backwards. Ciampa slams Joe’s face into the announce desk, then gets him back in the ring. Ciampa avoids a dropkick and lands some punches. Ciampa takes a rear chinlock, then stomps Gacy’s face. Ciampa chops Gacy in the corner, then whips him to the opposite buckles. Gacy hits an elbow and a spinning STO for a two-count.

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We return to find Ciampa patting himself on the back after slamming Gacy into the plexi-glass barricade. Ciampa hits repeated clotheslines in the corner, then gets him on his shoulders but Gacy slides off Ciampa lands some right hands and a knee but Gacy hits a gutwrench powerbomb for a near-fall. Gacy looks for a moonsault but Ciampa avoids it. Gacy hits a roll-up for a near-fall. Gacy looks for the handspring elbow but Ciampa dropkicks him upside down. Ciampa hits the Fairytale Ending for the win!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa leaves up the ramp but Harland jumps the railing and attacks him from behind! Harland grabs Gacy by the face but Gacy rubs his cheek and Harland pauses. Harland literally runs away. Gacy lifts Ciampa up but gets shoved to his ass for his effort.

Toxic Attraction comes to the ring. Gigi Dolan says last week they came to the ring with the purpose of ending Raquel Gonzalez. But out come Io Shirai and Zoey Stark to play the heroes, and they left the ring feeling unsatisfied. Jayne says Toxic Attraction doesn’t play by the rules. They do what they want, when they want. Ad what they want are the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Mandy says she’s challenging Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women’s Championship at Halloween Havoc. Mandy says Raquel got lucky last week but her luck is running out. They will make history at Halloween Havoc by all wearing gold at the same time.

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Xyon Quinn Vs. Malik Blade

The match gets underway and Quinn shrugs off a wristlock using his strength. Quinn strikes Malik and hits a body slam. Quinn lands some forearms to the back against the ropes, then runs Blade into the buckles and shoulders him. Quinn whips Blade hard into the corner and takes a rear chinlock. Blade runs Quinn backwards to the corner, then drops him for a two-count. Blade hits a roll-up for another two, but then Quinn catches him with a one-handed spinebuster. Quinn lines-up and hits a running forearm for the win.

Winner: Xyon Quinn

Tommaso Ciampa is backstage for an interview and he says he’s excited to make his Halloween Havoc debut. Grizzled Young Veterans appear and say they can’t wait to see Ciampa lose his title. Ciampa gets in their faces and Bron Breakker appears to back him up. GYV leave and Breakker tells Ciampa he has his back for now because he wants him at his best.

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Swerve Scott is backstage for an interview. He says his family are soldiers and they’ll be fine. So he’s going to focus on Santos Escobar. That man is trying to bring the evil spirit in him and guess what? It worked! Swerve says Legado Del Fantasma left the wrong man standing and he’s taking the North American Championship to SmackDown.

Ivy Nile W/Diamond Mine Vs. Valentina Feroz

The match starts with a feeling-out process. Feroz drops Nile and looks for a crossbody but gets caught. Nile effortlessly shifts Feroz into a suplex position and drops her before kipping up. Nile knocks Feroz into the bottom turnbuckle, then chokes her with her boot before hitting a rope-assisted powerbomb. Nile knees Feroz, then lifts her into a torture rack and does squats. Nile tightens the hold until Feroz taps.

Winner: Ivy Nile

Diamond Mine get in the ring and Malcolm Bivens says that was a message to the entire women’s division. He says the pitbull has been released and she didn’t come to play. Neither did the Creed Brothers. They have already proven they are the most dominant team in NXT today. And speaking of dominant, allow him to introduce the Crusierweight Champion, Roderick Strong.

Before Strong can speak, out comes Ikemen Jiro. One of the Creed brothers says Jiro can’t be for real. Everything in Diamond is earned and he’s ready to go. Jiro punches the Creed in the face and jumps out of the ring. It seems we’re getting a match after the break.

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Ikemen Jiro Vs. Julius Creed W/Diamond Mine

We’re back and Jiro is in control of Creed but takes too much time taunting and gets hit with a shoulder tackle in the knee. Creed hits a stalling gutwrench suplex, then runs Jiro into the corner. Creed hits a T-bone slam, then another gutwrench suplex. Jiro kicks at Julius but gets hit with yet another gutwrench suplex. Jiro fights back but Julius takes the leg and sweeps him off his feet.

Creed misses an elbow drop and Jiro hits some shots with his jacket. Jiro kicks Creed down in the corner and hits a a rope-assisted splash for a two-count. Julius rolls outside and Jiro dives over the ropes onto him. Jiro gets Creed in the ring and looks for a springboard but gets caught and slammed. Creed hits a running basement clothesline for the win!

Winner: Julius Creed

After the match, Diamond Mine get in the ring and pummel Ikemen Jiro. Kushida comes running down to the ring and helps knock Rodering Strong and the Creed brothers down but stops when he sees Ivy Nile. Strong attacks him from behind and hits a backbreaker. Diamond Mine pose in the ring.

Raquel Gonzalez cuts a promo in which she says she has plowed through all of her competition, from Rhea Ripley to Dakota Kai. Mandy Rose is just another domino to fall. And if she’s really game, then they can spin the wheel at Halloween Havoc and see what stipulation they get. Regardless, she will walk out the way she walks in: Champion.

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We get the second episode of Lashing Out with Lash Legend and she talks about Hit Row and says she loves singing their theme song. As for who deserves the Lashing Out of the week award, she gives it to Tony D’Angelo. She says he’ll never be on her show.

Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagoner Vs. Pete Dunne & Ridge Holland

Wagoner starts with Dunne and takes him down right away. Dunne starts to fight back and both men make tags. O’Reilly tries to take Holland down but gets knee’d in the head. O’Reilly snaps Ridge’s arm over his shoulder, then looks to tag Von Wagoner but gets hit with a belly-to-belly. Dunne tags back in and applies a surdboard stretch to O’Reilly before stomping on his legs. Holland tags in and drops s aknee on O’Reilly’s leg, then drops him with a European uppercut.

Dunne and Holland make quick tags and keep O’Reilly isolated until Kyle fights back against Dunne. O’Reilly hits some kicks and a forearm in the corner. Dunne snaps his arm but O’Reilly knocks him back and both men make tags. The two big men come to the centre and trade blows, then shoulder tackles, and Von Wagoner finally drops Holland. Wagoner clotheslines Holland over the ropes after knocking Dunne off the apron. Holland drags Wagoner out of the ring but Von sends him into the steel steps!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Holland is holding O’Reilly with a submission. O’Reilly fights up and takes a guillotine but Dune comes in and takes a kimura while O’Reilly is holding Holland. Dunne shoves him into Holland for a spinebuster, then dropkciks his back. Wagoner rushes in and knocks Dunne back, then sends Holland out of the ring. O’Reilly catches Dunne with a running knee and both men are down. O’Reilly takes an ankle lock but Holland tags in and clotheslines O’Reilly.

Holland lands forearms to Dunne, then tosses him out of the ring. Holland lifts O’Reilly onto his shoulder but Wagoner jumps off the steps into him. O’Reilly gets inside and tags Wagoner, who drops Holland with clotheslines and a leaping knee. Wagner hits a back suplex, dodges Dunne and lands a big boot. O’Reilly runs off the apron with a knee to Dunne. Meanwhile Wagoner counters Holland and hits a spinning doble arm suplex for the win!

Winners: Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagoner

Andre Chase is teaching a class. He shows the class how Odyssey Jones wasn’t smart enough to beat L.A Knight last week. A student says Chase cheated and should have been disqualified. Chase shouts and swears at the student before kicking him out of class.

*Commercial Break*

Tony D’Angelo cuts a promo by a car in which he says he is the man in NXT and can’t remember the name of his opponent last week. He says he was supposed to be on Lashing Out with Lash Legend but a “mealy mouthed” proucer told him they had to cut him out but whatever, he does things on his own time anyway. D’Angelo walks off and the car trunk starts banging, as though he kidnapped the producer.

Duke Hudson Vs. Grasyon Waller

The match starts with a lock-up and Hudson forces Waller back to the corner. Waller avoids a punch and does a little dance to taunt Duke. Waller attempts an arm-drag but Hudson stays upright. Waller is sent to the corner but he hits a springboard arm-drag and lands it. Hudson fights up and throws Grayson overhead.

Hudson elbows and shoulders Waller in the corner. Hudson takes a bear hug but Waller claps his head, hits a discus lariat, kicks him back, and gets sent to the apron. Waller snaps him on the top rope, then hits a rolling Stunner through the ropes for a near-fall. Waller attempts a springboard but Hudson trips him and pins for the win!

Winner: Duke Hudson

Legado Del Fantasma are backstage and Santos says it’s a real shame what happened to Hit Row today. His family are always with him but tonight Legado will stay backstage and it will be just the two of them. Man-on-man.

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Imperium cut a promo and say MSK is an embarassment to the sport. They have no pride or elegance. To them the mat is sacred and they will become the new NXT Tag Team Champion’s.

Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta Vs. Sarray & Amari Miller

Sarray starts against Persia and quickly gets sent to the corner. Indi tags in and whips Persia into Sarray in the corner, then Hartwell hits a sidewalk slam for a one-count. Indi hits a clothesline in the corner, then Sarray shoves her into the buckles and kicks her. Sarray tags Miller and she lands a series of kicks to Indi. Amari jumps on Indi’s back for a sleeper but gets slung off. Pirotta tags back in and runs over Miller, hitting a big boot and snake eyes, then kicks Sarray down and lands a facebuster. Hartwell gets the tag for a springboard elbow drop and the win.

Winners: Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta

After the match Persia gets a microphone and says they want the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Out come Io Shirai and Zoey Stark. Io says she doesn’t like Indi, Persia, or Stark. Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne are out next and they reiterate that they’re next in line. The three teams start brawling but Zoey and Shirai clear the ring and pose with their titles.

Grayson Waller is backstage and he sits down beside some girl in a blue dress. He tells her to get changed and he’ll meet her later. Cameron Grimse appears and asks how he scored that girl. Grayson tells him to shave his chest and make some effort, then tells him to try dating apps and shows him some examples and Grimes is feeling it.

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Swerve is already in the ring and out comes Legado Del Fantasma. Escobar takes his gear off and Fantasma leave him alone. On his way to the ring, Swerve attacks Santos on the floor. Sweve beats him for a minute before putting him isnide.

North American Championship

(C) Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Vs. Santos Escobar

As soon as the match officially starts, Santos rolls from the ring but Swerve dives over the ropes backwards onto him. Swerve gets Escobar back in the ring and kicks him in the face before landing a backbreaker for a one-count. Swerve drops a knee on Escobar for another one-count. Swerve wants a full nelson but Escobar fights it and hits an arm-drag. Swerve gets tripped and Escobar hits a bullet suicide dive that sends Swerve over the announce desk!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Santos has Swerve in a submission. Swerve starts to fight up but Escobar catches him with a spinebuster. Escobar returns to the submission but Swerve again fights up and they trade chops. Swerve ducks Escobar and hits a bit lariat, then an elbow in the corner. Swerve with a snampare and a diving elbow from the middle rope. Swerve wants a rolling move but Escobar catches him in mid-air with an STO. Escobar htis double knees in the corner, then sets Swerve on the top rope.

Escobar climbs the ropes and hits a super Frankensteiner. Escobar goes right back up and hits a frog splash for a near-fall. Escobar sends Swerve to the apron and climbs the ropes but Swerve swipes his feet and crotches him. Swerve lifts Escobar and hits a rolling fireman’s carry on the apron! Swerve goes up top and jumps for a 450 but Escobar avoids it and rolls him up for a near-fall. Wilde and Mendoza run down and get on the apron but Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams rush down and beat them up. Escobar hits a knee to Swerve, then runs for a knee in the corner but Swerve avoids it and hits the JML Driver for the win!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

After the match Hayes and Trick get in the ring and pose with Swerve… until Hayes drops Swerve with a clothesline. Trick pulls out the contract Hayes won to earn himself a title shot of his choice and Hayes signs it and hands it to the referee!

North American Championship

(C) Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Vs. Carmelo Hayes

Hayes hits a springboard clothesline and covers Swerve but he kicks out! Hayes can’t believe it. Swerve fights back and hits a clothesline. Hayes knocks Swerve down and goes to the top rope for an Ass Kick and the win!

Winner and New North American Champion: Carmelo Hayes

That’s it for this week’s NXT 2.0, let us know what you thought of the show and that ending! We’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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