Bianca Belair is known for many things as the EST of WWE, and her look sets the former SmackDown Women’s Champion apart from the rest. That signature look didn’t come all at once for Belair.

Inside the Ropes recently had a chat with Bianca Belair about the origins of her character. She explained that everything “just kind of happened,” and it wasn’t really pitched. Mark Henry also had a hand in helping her figure things out along the way.

“It actually just kind of happened. No-one really pitched it. I remember being in NXT and Mark Henry came down to the Performance Center and I was very new and he asked me, You know, ‘What do you want to be? What do you want people to think about when they see you?’ And I kind of didn’t really understand it at first.”

“But, you know, he was like, ‘You want to be able to have something that’s very simple, simplified, you can easily understand. And when people look at you, you don’t have to open your mouth or say anything, they already know what you’re about.’ So that’s kind of where I came up with the braid and my husband encouraged the signature look. Like, ‘No, go with the braid. Because even if people come to the show for the first time, they might not remember your name the first time, but they always remember the girl with the ponytail, the braid.’ So that’s, you know, that stuck with me.


Bianca Belair did not win the SmackDown Women’s Title at Extreme Rules, but she also did not suffer a pinfall loss in the process. Sasha Banks’ return to WWE caused a DQ in that title match and now fans will have to see what is next for her.

Belair is still focused on being the EST of WWE and she will hair whip her way back in to the title chase, a defining trait for her character.

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