Jimmy Smith’s entry into the WWE Universe was met with praise all around. Then again, he followed up Adan Virk in the role, so fans were elated to have Smith around. This week on RAW, Smith might have accidentally said something that fans aren’t supposed to know.

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WWE matches all have rules, but fans don’t know all of them. There is a rule that a tag team partner can only break up one pinfall attempt. There are other rules about who can get hit on the apron in regards to the legal opponent, but Smith didn’t blow any of those out of the water this week. He did mention that tag team matches are only allowed one save.

During Wrestling Observer Radio this week, Dave Meltzer brought up how Jimmy Smith revealed this secret rule during the WWE Women’s Tag Team title match. It was then theorized that WWE is now letting fans in on this rule.


“You know Jimmy Smith mentioned in that Natalya match when Rhea Ripley made a save, it’s like ‘Now they’re not allowed to do anymore saves.'”

“Well, they told us, it’s a one-save rule. You get one save. It’s been an official rule for years, but they never said it on TV.”

That was always the rule in tag team matches before, but they didn’t smarten up fans. It was WWE’s logic to keep that rule only for those setting up the matches. We’ll have to see if they keep bringing that rule up, but it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Jimmy Smith learned about this rule and simply didn’t know that he shouldn’t reveal it on television.

In the end, Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley beat Natalya and Tamina to win those WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. They also only needed that one save during the match.

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