Impact Wrestling’s Victory Road pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 8:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Impact World Championship: Christian Cage (c) vs. Ace Austin
  • X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Chris Sabin
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Decay (Havok & Rosemary) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans
  • Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan vs. Moose & W. Morrissey
  • FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) vs. Hikuleo & Chris Bey
  • No Disqualification Match: Matt Cardona vs. Rohit Raju
  • Steve Maclin vs. TJP vs. Petey Williams
  • Taylor Wilde vs. Tenille Dashwood

Matt Striker welcomes us to the show and Steve Maclin is the first man out tonight. TJP makes his entrance next and Petey Williams is out last.

Steve Maclin vs. TJP vs. Petey Williams


TJP goes right after Maclin and Maclin fights off both men. Maclin throws Williams out of the ring and TJP goes for a sun set flip, multiple roll ups between all 3 men before Maclin takes out both men. TJP throws Maclin out of the ring. Williams throws TJP out of the ring and then suicide dives onto both men. Maclin with a suplex on Williams, he goes to the outside and backbreakers TJP on the ramp.

Williams chops Maclin before Maclin hits a shotgun back elbow, 2 count. Strikes from Maclin in the corner, hard whip into the turnbuckle, suplex into a pinfall, 2 count. Maclin with stomps, double underhook backbreaker, 2 count. TJP rolls in, Maclin fights off both men. Maclin elbows Williams out of the ring, TJP with a roundhouse kick, Maclin knocks him off the top rope. Maclin hangs both mne on the top turnbuckle, hits a running shoulder tackle, covers Williams, 2 count, covers TJP, 2 count.

Williams with a german on Machin, shining wizard sends Maclin out of the ring, Williams dives over the top and hits a huricanrana. Williams hits a codebreaker, 2 count. TJP and Williams with strikes back and forth, enziguri from Williams, TJP with a tornado DDT on Maclin. All 3 men are down.

“This is Awesome!” chants, all 3 men hit strikes on each other, Williams and TJP get Maclin into the corner, working together. They both hit 10 shots in the corner, TJP thrown out of the ring, Williams gets a sharpshooter on Maclin, TJP locks in an octopus on Williams! Maclin breaks both holds. TJP reverses a Canadian Destroyer, running boots to both men in the corner, TJP hits a codebreaker, Williams breaks the count.

Williams with a Canadian Destroyer on TJP, Maclin hits the sit out powerslam on Williams, covers TJP and gets the victory!

WINNER: Steve Maclin!

Commentary runs down tonight’s card.

The lights go out and Decay’s music hits! Black Taurus makes his entrance, John Skyler is out next, then Laredo Kid, Trey Miguel is out last for this five man scramble match.

Five-Way Scramble: Jake Something vs. Black Taurus vs. Trey Miguel vs. John Skyler vs. Laredo Kid

All man try to take out Jake Something, Miguel with a dive onto Something on the outside. Black Taurus with a powerslam to Laredo Kid, Miguel pulled out of the ring, Skyler and Taurus hit each other with clotheslines, Something takes out both men with a lariat. Kid with chops to Something, Something catches a huricanrana, and hits a crossbody. Miguel hits a hurricanrana on Kid, monkey flip and a double stomp. Skyler throws Miguel into the turnbuckle, high knee, Skyler hits a spear through the ropes. Taurus with a back elbow in the corner, a high kick, and a Samoan drop!

Something with a clothesline sending Taurus out of the ring. Miguel hits a Meteora on Something, 2 count. Forearms back and forth between Kid and Miguel, Something hits a double chokeslam on both men. Something taken down with a spear from Taurus, crucifix bomb, throws Skyler into the corner. Miguel offers an alliances with Taurus, Skyler hits a double spear on both men, cover, 2 count.

Something thrown out of the ring by Skyler, Skyler pulled from the ring by Kid, Miguel suicide dives onto Something, Taurus dives onto all men with a corkscrew plancha. Skyler gets a schoolboy on Kid, 2 count. Kid with a high knee in the corner, Kid with a moonsault belly to belly from the top rope on Skyler and gets the 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Laredo Kid!

Video package from Taylor Wilde vs. Tenille Dashwood. Tenille Dashwood makes her entrance accompanied by Madison Rayne and Kaleb with a K. Taylor Wilde makes her entrance next, accompanied by Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering.

Taylor Wilde vs. Tenille Dashwood

Dashwood with shots to the back of the head, Wilde fights from underneath, kick to Dashwood, 2 count. Wilde with forearms, Dashwood with shots in the corner, Wilde hits a hurricanrana, Dashwood with a back elbow, Wilde hits a forearm, Kaleb grabs her foot, Dashwood takes advantage. Rayne chokes Wilde on the ropes. Kaleb takes a picture. Dashwood with clubbing blows to the back of the head, 2 count.

Wilde with an inside cradle, 2 count. Dashwood locks in a full nelson, Wilde fights out but Dashwood takes her down. Dashwood locks in another full nelson, scissors the legs, gets a cover, 2 count. Wilde hits a jawbreaker, Kaleb gets on the ropes distracting the ref, Madison pulls Wilde out of the ring, the ref gets control and throws Rayne and Kaleb from ringside. He throws Grace and Ellering out as well. ITs now one on one.

Wilde with a roll up, 2 count. Dashwood gets a rollup, 2 count. Wilde with a forearm, Dashwood with a forearm, forearms back and froth, Wilde gets the advantage and hits a lariat, Wilde a a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, 2 count. Dashwood with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle, running crossbody, 2 count. Wilde hits a suplex, 2 count. Dashwood thrown to the apron, Dashwood hits a neckbreaker in the ropes. Wilde hits a German suplex with a bridge, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Taylor Wilde!

Edwards and Callihan interviewed backstage. Callihan says hell must have frozen over, they will be a cohesive unit, Edwards says he doesn’t want to team with him but he has too to take out Moose and Morrissey. Callihan says its form the greater good on Impact Wrestling. Edwards and Callihan are Impact Wrestling.

Rohit Raju makes his entrance accompanied by Shera. Matt Cardona attacks him on the ramp. Shera and Rohit get the advantage and beat him down to the ring. Shera hits a chokeslam backbreaker. Rohit tells Shera to leave the ring.

No Disqualification Match: Matt Cardona vs. Rohit Raju

Rohit stomps on Cardona, Cardona fights out and beats down on Rohit. Rohit with a boot, Cardona clothesline him out of the ring. Rohit slams Cardona on the outside. Cardona sends Rohit face first into the steps, Russian Leg Sweep on the barricade. Cardona chokes Rohit with his shirt. Rohit hits a low blow on the ropes and throws Cardona off the apron into the barricade.

Rohit with an uppercut, gets a chair, hits Cardona throat into the edge of the chair. Rohit puts the chair around Cardona neck and throws him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Rohit gets more chairs, Cardona with a boot, Rohit with quick strikes, running elbow in the corner, running knee, Puts the chair in front of Cardona face and hits a cannon ball in the corner. Cardona hits a facebuster, Rohit throws him from the second rope, 2 count.

Rohit sets up a chair in the turnbuckles, Cardona hits a big boot. Cardona slingshots Rohit into the chair in the turnbuckle. Cardona with forearms, Rohit fights back, Cardona hits a codebreaker. Both men down. “This is Awesome!” chants, Cardona hits a running boot with a chair in the corner, Rohit kicks out at 2. Cardona goes under the ring, pulling out a trashcan. Rohit with a running boot, Cardona hits a Fireman’s Carry Cutter on the trashcan, 2 count! Rohit sends Cardona into the chair in the turnbuckle, Rohit hits a flatliner, 2 count.

Rohit sets up 2 chairs face to face, hits Cardona face fist into them, Rohit with a double stomp from the top rope onto both chairs! Cardona kicks out at 2! Rohit hits Cardona with the chair in the midsection, then across the back, Cardona hits a low blow! Cardona hits a missile Dropkick with the chair, hits Radio Silence, 2 count!

Cardona hits Radio Silecne on Shera on the ramp! Rohit hits Cardona with a chiar, hits the Driveby, Rohit puts Caronda neck in the chair, Chelsea Green runs down, hits Rohit, Cardona hits Radio Silence and gets the victory!

WINNER: Matt Cardona!

Video package for FinJuice vs. Hikuleo & Chris Bey. The Bullet Club make their entrance first. FinJuice are out next.

FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) vs. Hikuleo & Chris Bey

Juice and Bey start, Bey mocks Juice’s injured knee, Juice hits an armdrag. bodyslam, tags in Finlay, Finley hits an axe handle from the top, double back elbow, running forearm, 2 count. Finley with an armbar. Juice tags in, Finlay hits a backdrop, Bey takes out Juice’s leg. Stomp to the leg, tags in Hikuleo. Hikuleo with stomps on Juice, stomps to the leg, back elbows,

Hikuleo with clubbing blows on the mat. Hikuleo blocks a tag, Bey tags in, running kick to Juices leg, roll up, 2 count. Juice bets a back elbow, right hand to Hikuleo, tags in Finlay, Finlay runs wild, dropkick, misses a splash in the corner, high boot, Hikuleo catches Finlay by the throat, hits a huge powerslam. Bey with a hard whip into the turnbuckle, Hikuleo with huge chops in the corner, running splash, delayed vertical suplex, 2 count.

Bey tags in, Finley tries to fight out, uppercuts, Hikuleo throws him to the turnbuckle, Finlay with high boots, Finley throws Hikuleo from the ring, spinning front slam on Bey! Juice tags in, right hands in the corner, Juice with short arm clotheslines in the corner, big back drop, jabs to Bey, and a DDT, 2 count. Bey with a dropkick to the injured leg, tags in Hikuleo, Juice with jabs, double clothesline sends Hikuleo out of the ring, Bey with a chair shot to Juices injured leg with the refs back is turned, Hikuleo hits a powerslam and gets the victory!

WINNER: Hikuleo & Chris Bey

Video package for Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan vs. Moose & W. Morrissey. Moose makes his entrance first. His partner W. Morrissey is out next. Eddie Edwards makes his entrance with Alisha Edwards. Sami Callihan is out last.

Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan vs. Moose & W. Morrissey

Edwards and Callihan attack first, Moose and Morrissey are thrown from the ring, Callihan and Edwards with double suicide dives. Edwards with chops in the corner, Callihan tags in, more chops, Edwards tags in chops, Callihan tags in, chops, Edwards tags in, double chops. Moose runs in and he gets hit with double chops. Edwards hits a powerslam on Moose, Morrissey hits a double chokeslam on Callihan and Edwards.

Moose and Morrissey hit running uppercuts in the corner, Morrissey with a big boot sending Edwards out of the ring. Morrissey with elbow drops to Edwards, right hand to Callihan, Moose tags in, stomps, Morrissey with a right hand, Moose chokes Edwards on the ropes Morrissey tags in, clubbing blows to Edwards, hammering right hands in the corner. Moose pulls Edwards hair from the outside. Morrissey with back elbows in the corner, hard whip into the turnbuckle.

Morrissey with a splash, Edwards escapes a suplex and hits a blue thunder bomb! Callihan tags in, stomps to Moose, Moose with a big boot, Callihan with a chop, Callihan hits a DVD on Moose, 2 count! Moose with a forearm, hits the Go To Hell, 2 count! Edwards tags in, high boot, dropkick to Morrissey , Moose hits a right hands, forearms back and forth, Moose with a headbutt, Callihan hits a clothesline, Edwards hits a sitout powerbomb, 2 count as Morrissey breaks the count.

Callihan hits a powerbomb on Morrissey, Moose hits a superplex, Callihan with a superkick on Moose, Superkick/Brainbuster combo from Callihan and Edwards, 2 count! Morrissey hits a big boot on Callihan, clubbing blows to Edwards, Edwards throws him from the ring, Moose gets a kendo stick, Edwards ducks under, hits a piledriver on Moose! That was Callihan’s move… Edwards gets the kendo stick, Morrissey gets Alisha Edwards on his shoulder, Edwards drops the kendo stick, Moose hits a spear.

Morrissey stares down Alisha, grabs her by the throat, throws her into the ring, Moose and Morrissey circle her, Morrissey hits a huge powerbomb on Alisha! Refs run down to help Alisha. Eddie pushes the refs away and carries her to the back himself. He apologies to Callihan and leaves. Callihan is now alone in the ring, he goes right after both men, Morrissey hits a big boot. Moose hits a spear, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Moose & W. Morrissey

Video package for the Knockouts Tag Title match. Steelz and Evans walk down the the titles they stole. The lights cut out and Decay make their entrance. Decay go right on the attack. sending Steelz and Evans out of the ring. Rosemary screams she’ll bite their face off!

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Decay (Havok & Rosemary) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Rosemary with a running elbow, 2 count, tag to Havok, throws Steelz to Evans and says she wants Evans. Evans tags and and goes face to face with Havok. Havok with a forearm, Evans with a forearm back, strikes back and forth. Havok with a knee to the gut, Evans with a forearm, running splash in the corner. Havok dodges another splash, clubbing blows to Evans. Rosemary tags in, running splash in the corner, Evans gets an armbar.

Rosemary with a back elbow, gets the Upside Down! Steelz takes out Rosemary on the outside. Evans with stomps to Rosemary, Steelz tags in, shots to the midsection, Uppercuts in the corner, running knee strike, 2 count. Evans tags in, Steelz with a snapmare, right hands, Rosemary no sells the strikes, hits a crossbody, tags in Havok. Havok with a high kick, splash in the corner, running knee in the corner.

Evans with a high kick, Steelz tags in and gets the cover, 1 count. Steelz with kicks, Havok hits the Sky High, 2 count! Evans sends Rosemary out of the ring, Rosemary hits hard on the floor. Havok sends Evans out of the ring. Evans picks up Rosemary, Rosemary hits the Mist on Evans! Steelz with a high kick, Havok catches her, throws her onto Evans on the outside!

Havok hits a tombstone piledriver on Steelz, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Decay!

Ace Austin is backstage, says this match seemed impossible. Christian Cage can have his career ended, but he stepped back in this ring and become World Champion. How do you grow something you built? You look to the future and see Ace Austin. Austin says his path the the World Title is undeniable, inevitable. For over a years he ahs said its not a matter of if, its when. Tonight Ace Austin becomes the youngest World Champion in Impact history.

Video package for the Impact Tag Titles. Rich Swann and Willie Mack make their entrance. The champions, the Good Brothers make their entrance next.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Gallows and Mack start the match, Gallows with a boot the the midsection, Mack with a shoulder tackle, splash in the corner, clothesline the the corner, 10 shots to Gallows. Swann tags in, kick to Gallows, Gallows gets a knee, tags in Anderson, Anderson with shots in the corner, elbow strikes, Swann hits a hurricanrana! Swann with a kick to the back, Mack tags in, shoulder tackles in the corner, Anderson gauges the eyes. Gallows tags in, clubbing blows in the corner,

Swann tags in, double dropkick to Gallows. Swann locks in a headlock. Anderson tags in, backdrop, 2 count. Anderson gauges the face, bites at Swann, Swann bites at Andersons leg. Gallows tags in, big kick to Swann, 2 count. Gallows hits a big boot, Gallows with clubbing blows in the corner, Anderson tags in, Swann with a back elbow, Gallows blocks a tag, elbow drop on Swann, 2 count. Gallows with hammering elbows to Swann and locks in a headlock.

Swann with an enziguri, dropping Gallows to the mat, Anderson blocks the tag, Swann with another enziguri, tags in Mack! Mack runs wild on both men, powerslam to Anderson, leg drop, Anderson avoids a Samoan drop, Gallows gets hit with a Samoan drop, Mack with a twisting neckbreaker, 2 count. Anderson with a spinebuster, 2 count. Mack jammed his knee, Gallows tags in, Swann blocks a magic killer, Anderson hits the Gun Stun! Gallows and Mack with strikes back and forth, Mack gets the upperhand but Gallow with a side kick, Swann with high kicks to both men, Gallows hits a powerbomb on the apron, Mack with a basement dropkick to Gallows.

Anderson hits the Gun Stun on Mack, Gallows tags in, the Good Brothers hit Magic Killer, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact World Tag Team Champions, the Good Brothers!

Video package for the X Division title match. Chris Sabin is the first man out for our next match. The champion, Josh Alexander is out next.

X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Lock up to start, Sabin rolls through, another lock up, Alexander gets Sabin to the mat, Alexander wrings the arm, Sabin with an armdrag. Evenly matched so far. Alexander gets Sabin to the corner, huge chop, elbow to the back, running back elbow. Sabin throws Alexander out of the ring, penalty kick to Alexander, flip dive off the apron onto Alexander!

Alexander with a big kick and a crossbody out of the ring. Sabin with a low dropkick and a springboard dive of the top rope onto Alexander. Sabin with a DDT, 2 count. Sabin with a front chancery, neckbreaker, cravat, neckbreaker again, 2 count. Sabin with a boot in the corner, forearm, snapmare, headlock. Sabin with a forearm, Alexander whips Sabin to the corner, flapjack, locks in an anklelock, Sabin quickly gets to the ropes.

Alexander takes the fight out of the ring, drops Sabin on the apron. Alexander with a backbreaker, 2 count. Alexander with a gutwrench suplex, vertical suplex, 2 count. Alexander with a knee to the back, chinlock, Sabin gets a rollup off a suplex, 2 count. Alexander with a knee drop, into a head and arm choke, traps the leg, Sabin gets to the ropes. “Both these guys!” chants.

Alexander with a forearm, chops in the corner, clothesline, Sabin fights from underneath, Alexander with knees in the corner, bodyslam, 2 count. Sabin hits an atomic drop, Alexander with a suplex, Alexander misses a moonsault! Sabin hits a missile dropkick, sending Alexander out of the ring. Sabin with a running neckbreaker on the outside. Sabin hits a spinning neckbreaker off the apron on the outside. Sabin with a missile dropkick, 2 count. Alexander with a back elbow, big boot,

Alexander with clubbing blows to the back, hits a powerbomb/backbreaker! Sabin gets a roll up, 2 count. Sabin hits an armwhip, armbar into a crossface, gets a cover, 2 count. “Fight forever!” chants. Alexander with a right hand, forearm, Sabin doesn’t release the arm, Alexander hits a German and hold the grip, Sabin escapes with a back elbow, Alexander blocks a tornado DDT, another German suplex. Sabin gets an armbar, Alexander hits a back piledriver! Alexander gets an anklelock, blocks an enziguri, Sabin rolls through, 2 count. Alexander doesn’t let go of the ankle, grapevines the legs… Sabin bridges back to get a cover, 2 count. Sabin hits a superkick, knocking off Alexanders headgear, Alexander hits a C4 Spike and gets the victory!

WINNER: “And Still” X Division Champion, Josh Alexander!

After the match, Sabin offers the hand, and Alexander shakes it. Sabin leaves the ring and Alexander celebrates. Sabin gets back in, whispers in Alexander ear, hugs Alexander and raises his arm.

Video package for our main event, the Impact World Championship. Ace Austin makes his entrance first, accompanied by Mad Man Fulton. Out next, the Impact World Champion, Christian Cage. Dave Penzer does the official ring introductions.

Impact World Championship: Christian Cage (c) vs. Ace Austin

Lock up to start, Cage drives Austin to the corner, Cage takes down Austin, slap to the back of the head. Lock up, Cage gets a headlock, shoulder block, wrings the arm, Austin hits a forearm, kick to the back, misses a dropkick, Cage with chops, flapjack, 2 count. Austin sends Cage to the outside, Cage hits a basement dropkick through the ropes.

Austin hits a dropkick, Fulton distracts Cage and Austin hits a kick to the back. Austin with a cover, 2 count. Austin chokes Cage in the ropes. Cage with a sunset flip, Austin with a kick, 2 count. Austin locks in a headlock, gauges the face of Cage, Austin slashes a card across Cages hand… Austin gets an armbar, Cage with shots to the gut, right hands, Austin with a big back elbow sending Cage out of the ring.

The ref sends Fulton to the back after catching him trying to attack Cage. Cage with a pendulum kick, tornado DDT, 2 count. “This is Awesome!” chants, Cage with right hands, slap across the face in the ropes, Cage hits a spinning uppercut from the top rope, 2 count. Cage with 20 shots in the corner, Austin with a double leg, cover, 2 count, kicks to the gut, Cage with a reverse DDT, 2 count. Austin leapfrogs a Spear, superkick, 2 count. Cage goes for the Killswitch, Austin escapes, Cage whiplashes Austin on the ropes, Cage misses a frogsplash, Austin gets another card, Cage hits a Spear, 2 count!

Austin gauges the eyes behind the refs back, Fulton is back out, drops Cage on the ropes, Austin hits the corkscrew splash, 2 count! Cage throws Austin into the ring post, hits the Killswitch, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact World Champion, Christian Cage!

Cage celebrates in the ring. Josh Alexanders music hits! Alexander walks to the ring staring down Cage. Alexander gets a mic, he says “Bound For Glory, Option C!” They both hold their title high and stare each other down as Victory Road goes off the air!

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