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Tonight’s SmackDown comes to us live from Knoxville, Tennessee, home of former SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. WWE has announced a special homecoming celebration for Belair on tonight’s SmackDown.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.



SmackDown begins with a recap of last week where Seth Rollins defeated Edge with the stomp and Edge having to be sent out of the arena in an ambulance.

SmackDown kicks off live in Knoxville with Universal Champion Roman Reigns making his way to the ring with Paul Heyman and The Usos by his side. A video is shown of Brock Lesnar taking out The Usos after a confrontation with Reigns and Heyman. The video also shows Reigns accepting Lesnar’s challenge only to be interrupted by the return of Demon Finn Balor. Reigns gets on the mic to tell Knoxville to acknowledge him. Heyman takes the mic and says that even he is in awe of the greatness that stands before him. Heyman says Reigns defends his position as the head of the table every single day. Heyman says Reigns fears no man, beast or demon, but they all fear Reigns. Heyman says specifically that Lesnar fears Reigns. Heyman says he has never seen fear in Lesnar’s eyes until last week. Heyman is interrupted by newly crowned WWE Champion Big E. Big E gets in the ring and stares down Reigns as Finn Balor’s music hits and Balor comes out.

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Finn Balor & Big E vs The Usos

The match begins with Jimmy Uso and Balor in the ring. Jey Uso distracts Balor and Jimmy hits a kick to the mid section. Balor counters and makes the tag to Big E. Big E is hit with a headbutt and Jey is tagged in. Big E drags Jey to the apron to hit a series of strikes on the apron as well as a running splash on the apron. Big E gets in the ring and covers for two. Jimmy tags in and The Usos double team Big E in the corner. The Usos hit a double suplex and Jey covers for two. Big E avoids a corner splash and tags Balor in. Balor gets dragged out of the ring and thrown into the barricade.

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SmackDown returns with Balor being slammed head first into the corner. Jimmy hits a strong right hand but is hit with a Pele kick from Balor. Jey and Big E are both tagged in. Big E hits a belly to belly suplex and Jey hits with a Samoan drop. big E hits a running splash and throws Jimmy out of the ring. Big E goes for the running spear through the ropes but Jey hits with a kick. Jey hits a super kick and covers for two. Balor runs in to hit a sling blade. Big E hits the big ending and covers for the three count.

Winners: Big E & Finn Balor

Backstage Reigns asks Heyman if there is anything Heyman wants to tell him. Heyman says no but Reigns asks again. Heyman says that he knows what Reigns is getting at, and Heyman insists that he did not know Lesnar would be at SummerSlam. Heyman says Lesnar created the lie about Heyman knowing as a tool to mask his fear. Reigns asks if Lesnar will be at Extreme Rules and Heyman says he does not know, which angers Reigns.

Rick Boogs appears on stage to introduce King Nakamura and play him to the ring.

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Rick Boogs vs Robert Roode

The match begins with Dolph Ziggler distracting Boogs allowing Roode to take advantage. Roode hits a series of chops and stomps in the corner. Roode hits a second rope neckbreaker and covers for two. Boogs lifts Roode and hits a Samoan drop. Boogs hits a running bulldog and hits the pump handle slam and covers for three.

Winner: Rick Boogs

After the match Boogs and Nakamura celebrate on the announce table. Commander Azeez runs in to attack Boogs and Apollo Crews joins in to throw Nakamura into the announce table. Crews picks up the Intercontinental title belt that Nakamura beat him for. Crews gets in the ring and Azeez hands him a mic. Crews says Nakamura has made a mockery of the championship and demands a rematch with Nakamura.

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Kevin Owens vs Happy Corbin

Before the match begins, Corbin attacks Owens as he makes his entrance. Corbin hits a choke slam onto the ring apron. Corbin walks back up the ramp as it appears that the match will not take place.

Seth Rollins makes his way out to the ring to address his actions last week against Edge.

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SmackDown returns live with Heyman being interviewed backstage. Kayla Braxton says that there are rumors of Lesnar going to Raw in the upcoming draft. Heyman says that Braxton has no real sources and that he is no longer Lesnar’s advocate. Heyman turns around to be met by Big E. Heyman congratulates Big E on being WWE Champion. Heyman says he made the smartest decision of his life to not cash in on Reigns. Big E is attacked by The Usos who throw Big E into a backstage crate and beat him down.

Rollins stands in the ring. Rollins says he had one of the greatest matches of his career last week. Rollins says that when he hit the stomp last week it reminded him of stepping on a cockroach. Rollins points to the titantron and a recap of last week’s match is shown. Rollins says it was difficult to watch. Rollins says he has a question he wants to ask, “what did you think was going to happen?” which he starts to angrily ask the crowd. Rollins says it was one of the greatest wins of his career but he had no time to enjoy it because of the reactions he received. Rollins says he used a legal move in a match to win like he has many other matches. Rollins says that it was Edge who went too far. Rollins says Edge knew the risks and consequences before getting in the ring. Rollins says that it’ the fans’ fault for what happened to Edge. Rollins says he did nothing wrong, and the blame belongs to everyone else. Rollins says that he’s not done with Edge. Rollins looks at the camera talking to Edge watching at home. Rollins asks if Edge is capable of getting back into the ring. Rollins says he saw the look Edge had when he was on the stretcher, and says it was a look of fear. Rollins says that for one small second he actually felt sorry for Edge, Rollins says that he can’t live with himself feeling sorry for someone like Edge. Rollins says this can either end with Rollins coming to Edge’s house and beating him down in front of his family, or Edge crawls back to the ring. Rollins says for his own sanity he has to finish Edge one way or another.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage. Lynch says that Belair had so much momentum going into SummerSlam and that Extreme Rules will end the same way. Lynch says she’s never been to a homecoming, and maybe she’ll check one out tonight.

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Carmella & Zelina Vega vs Liv Morgan & Toni Storm

The match begins with Carmella and Storm in the ring. Carmella runs away and tags in Vega. Storm hits a big boot and Vega hits a kick to the head off a Carmella distraction. Storm hits a vertical suplex and Morgan and Carmella are both tagged in. Morgan launches Carmella into the ring post. Carmella sells a nose injury on the outside as the referee makes the count out.

Winners by Count Out: Liv Morgan & Toni Storm

After the match Morgan gets on the mic to mock Carmella and ask if she just broke Carmella’s nose. Morgan says she’s not sorry and challenges Carmella to a match at Extreme Rules.

Back live with Carmella backstage with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. Carmella accepts Carmella’s challenge for Extreme Rules.

Finn Balor is shown in a dark room backstage. Balor says he wasn’t born in a wrestling family. Balor says he fought his way to WWE and that the Demon comes from inside and comes from everyone who ever disrespected him.

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Dominik Mysterio vs Sami Zayn

The match begins with Zayn tricking Dominik by running out of the ring and back in immediately to get the advantage. Dominik hits a huricanrana off the top rope. Zayn counters with a kick, Zayn goes up top but Dominik sends Zayn to the ropes. Dominik hits a splash to the outside.

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Back live with Dominik hitting elbow strikes and a huricanrana. Dominik hits a tornado DDT and covers for two. Dominik hits an enziguri. Dominik hits the 619 and goes for the frog splash but Zayn counters by bringing his knees up. Zayn goes for the cover and gets the three.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Knox County mayor and occasional wrestler Kane makes his way out to the ring.

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Back live with Kane in the ring. Kane says that it is his great pleasure to welcome Bianca Belair back to her hometown. Belair comes out to a huge ovation from the Knoxville crowd. Belair says it’s amazing to be back home. Belair says Knoxville made her into the EST. Belair says at Extreme rules she will take back her championship. Kane says that after Belair wins back her title there will be a huge celebration in her honor. Kane then presents Belair with the ceremonial key to the county. Belair says she wants to celebrate Knoxville, and the only way to do it is to sing their song “Rocky Top” and leads the crowd in singing. Becky Lynch interrupts to mock the signing. Lynch says she will not be champion after Extreme Rules, but she’s Knoxville’s champion. Belair asks Lynch why she’s even there as the crowd chants “you don’t go here”. Lynch says SummerSlam was her night, as Extreme Rules will be, but tonight is Belair’s night and she came to show respect. Lynch extends her hand and Belair shakes it. Lynch turns to leave but Belair remains holding Lynch’s hand. Belair avoids the punch and goes for the kiss of death but Lynch counters and slams Belair to the mat. Lynch leaves the ring as Belair lays on the mat. SmackDown goes off the air with Lynch staring down Belair from the top of the ramp as lynch holds the title belt up high.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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