Tegan Nox returned to WWE Raw after her long stint at WWE NXT after she had her ACL dislocated. She has had a tough time coming back up, and she took to Twitter in order to reminiscence about her journey.

Nox revealed that when she first tore her ACL, she had no idea and still fought in both cage matches as well as her normal fights. Nobody, including herself, knew about the misplacement.

It’s been a whole year since the last knee surgery, which is crazy. What most people don’t know is that I wrestled for almost 2 years without an acl in my left knee (Street fight & cage match included) because absolutely NO ONE knew that at some point, the acl slipped out of place & just got stuck in between my knee…no symptoms, no pain, nothing, just a normal check up showed that ACL had been gone for a very long time.

Nox added that while there were no symptoms or anything of the sort, she still continued to function normally. It was in a routine check up, the WWE Diva revealed, that the ACL was diagnosed.


I remember finding out on a Wednesday & by Friday morning, WWE had flown me out to Birmingham, AL to have surgery by one of the best surgeons in the business, Dr Dugas. I honestly can’t thank wwe for the urgency, care & support since day 1!! The rehab itself went amazingly & through a ton of hard work from both myself & my PT, I was back and cleared at 7 months, way before anyone expected…I just had to bide my time to get revenge on that dastardly Poison Pixie.

Tegan added that she worked her ass off in order to recover and get back in the game. She said that fans can call her “injury prone, whatever,” but she’s still back on doing what she wanted to do since she was a kid. She ended the tweet at a positive note, stating “Now here we are, a full year later, on Smackdown living the dream with my pals! Here’s to a ton more time in the “biz.”

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Nitish Vashishtha

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