Big E experienced huge moment in his career on RAW this week, but it wasn’t all great times for the New Day member. He received ton of congratulations after that WWE Title win, and he was able to open up about the road that brought him there.

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During WWE The Bump, Big E opened up about his struggles with mental illness. He said that there were dark days, but then he compared that situation to the one he is in now as WWE Champion.

“On our podcast, we had a discussion about mental health and we felt it was important to have that conversation, especially after the passing of Daffney. The way things happened on the same day that podcast dropped [I won the WWE Title], and you know I talked too about, you know, I’m someone who struggled with my mental health and depression for a long time and not seeing much value in myself.”


“To go from thinking about the juxtaposition of being 20-years-old and really struggling and trying to find my way in the world and having those struggles with mental health to now where people around the world know who I am, they find value in my work, find joy in what I do, that’s a blessing. I’m just really grateful to have found a purpose and a passion.”

Big E is an inspiration for many, but some might not realize the mental hurdles he had to leap over along the way. This just goes to show that you never know who is struggling with mental illness, because it could be some of the most confident people you see as well.

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