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Well here we are, the first episode of NXT 2.0. WWE is soft-rebooting NXT with a fresh new logo and colour scheme, and we’re even going to get a brand new Champion tonight. Unfortunately, Samoa Joe was forced to relinquish the NXT Championship before ever defending it, so now we’re getting a Fatal 4-Way between LA Knight, Kyle O’Reilly, Tommaso Ciampa, and Pete Dunne to crown the new Champion. Who do you want to see walk out with the gold? Let us know below!

Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Franky Monet was supposed to take place tonight but the bout was cancelled or delayed to a later date. However we do know B-Fab of Hit Row will make her in-ring debut tonight. And the only other confirmed segment we have for tonight’s show is the wedding between Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis. Last week we saw the bachelor and bachelorette party highlights and tonight the wedding itself. Will they actually tie the know? Time will tell.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



The first-ever episode of NXT 2.0 begins with a video package hyping the NXT Championship Fatal 4-Way, with promos from Ciampa, Dunne, Knight, and O’Reilly stating why they will become the new NXT Champion. During LA Knight’s promo he gets interrupted by a new face called Bron Breakker, who says he wants to make an impact. Knight tells him to come to the ring and he’ll beat the brakes off him.

We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre with a packed audience and a new, more spacious look.

LA Knight Vs. Bron Breakker

The match gets underway and Knight goes to work on Breakker, beating him into the corner, but Bron fires back with a clothesline. Breakker takes a headlock, gets shot off, and hits a shoulder tackle. Breakker grabs a waistlock and slams Knight to the mat a few times. Knight breaks free and hits a clothesline of his own, then lands a big right hand and some stomps.

Breakker whipsKnight to the corner but misses a splash in the corner and Knight lands a neckbreaker. Knight takes too much time to taunt the fans and Breakker rallies with a shoulder tackle. Knight lands a flurry of right hands, then a knee to the face. Bron lifts Knight for a military press and turns it into a powerslam for a shock win.

Winner: Bron Breakker

*Commercial Break*

We see replays of the opening match, then Bron Breakker is backstage getting congratulated by a lot of unknown faces.

Imperium Vs. Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs

The tag match gets underway with Jensen and Aichner, and Brooks forces Fabian to the corner but gets levelled with a clothesline. Aichner forearms the back of Jensen, then ooks for a backdrop but Jensen lands on his feet and hits a powerslam. The fans are booing as Briggs tags inand the duo hit a double clothesline.

Barthel tags in and takes Briggs down and grabs a wristlock. Briggs counters Barthel and headbutts him, then hits a nasty sidewalk slam and an elbow drop for a two-count. Barthel kicks Briggs and hits a huge chop to the chest. Snapmare and a running kick from Barthel, then Imperium hang Briggs on the ropes and hit a double dropkick.

Aichner and Jensen tag in and the young newcomer hits a body slam. Barthel rushes in but so does Briggs and they clothesline Barthel out. On the floor Barthel pulls Briggs out and sends him into the steel steps. Jensen drops Aichner and goes to the top rope but Barthel causes a distraction, allowing Aichner to leap up and hit a double underhook superplex for the win!

Winners: Imperium

Hit Row are backstage and the guys talk about how awesome B-Fab is. The B tands for beautiful and she’s more real than all theother women in NXT. Swerve says B-Fab is going to light NXT 2.0 up. B-Fab says everyone knows she can spit but the time for talk is over.

*Commercial Break*

B-Fab W/Hit Row Vs. Katrina Cortez

The bell rings and Cortez does a forward roll but B-Fab kicks her leg out from under her. B-Fab backs her into the corner and lands some swinging kicks to the gut. B-Fab takes a side headlock, then throws Cortez across the ring. Cortez punches her away and climbs to the middle rope but she jumps into a pump kick from B-Fab. Cortez is hit with a neckbreaker and that’s that.

Winner: B-Fab

After the match B-Fab gets on the microphone. She says people thought she couldn’t do this but they can all do this. Cortez stuck her nose in the Kool-Aid but she didn’t know the flavour. Out comes Legado Del Fantasma and Electra Lopez tells her to shut up. Lopez says she B-Fab obviously hasn’t learned her lesson, so they can run it back. And this time she won’t need a pipe to shut her little yap. B-Fab says she’d love to do it again and she can do it right now. Lopez is game but Santos Escobar stops her.

Cameron Grimes, Odyssey Jones and Johnny Gargano are backstage, with the latter two dressed like Dexter Lumis. Austin Theory shows up wearing the gear as well and says he couldn’t miss Indi’s wedding. He brought a priest along with him, and it’s the United States Champion, Damian Priest! Gargano informs Theory that Priest is just his name, not a profession and Priest confirms it. Jones hands Priest sone champagne and Gargano hugs Theory.

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Carmelo Hayes comes to the ring for an interview and he says he’s been riding a wave of momentum and he’s got the juice, but now he’s got a target on his back. It’s NXT 2.0 now and nobody’s going to catch him off-guard and he’s realised it’s a numbers game. So he called his friend Trick, and he’s going to be at his side 24/7. Trick says he’s here for two reasons; he was born with the gift of the gab and the gift of the jab, and that’s why his punchlines hit so hard. He says he’s proud of Carmelo, he’s the golden child of NXT, but he’s got a bone to pick with him now. Trick says Hayes has scored every shoot he ever took, so why’s he all humble now?

Trick offers a hand and Hayes shakes it saying he’s right. It’s hard to be so good and so humble. The contract he earned in the Breakout Tournament means he’s a already a Champion, he is the golden child. So if he decides to shoot, it’s a goal, and if he decides to pass it will go to Trick. They make to leave and Duke Hudson walks past, stopping to tell Hayes he got lucky in the tournament. Hudson shoves past them and Trick goes after him to hit a discus kick in the ring. Hayes and Trick stomp Hudson in the ring, then Hayes hits a springboard clothesline and they pose.

Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne are backstage with Mandy Rose and they’re telling Mandy she looks amazing. That she’s realised her true self. We can’t see Rose because she’s got a hood on. They’ll be in tag action after the break.

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Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter Vs. Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan

Kayden and Dolan start the match and Kacy dropkicks Kayne off the apron. Carter backs Gigi into the corner and tags Kacy who hits a flip kick and applies a black widow submission. We see a split-screen where Ridge Holland and Pete Dunne busted into Kyle O’Reilly’s locker room and beat him down. Jayne tags in but Kacy and Kayden team to drop her. Kayden grabs her for a neckbreaker and wants Kacy to jump on her but Mandy Rose rushes down and beats on her.

Winners Via Disqualification: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Mandy Rose reveals she’s dyed her hair brown and out comes Sarray to even the odds. Rose, Dolan and Jayne get beaten from the ring but all six argue as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter & Sarray Vs. Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne

We return to find this match underway. Sarray tags in and knocks Jayne and Rose off the apron, then hits a flying dropkick to Dolan. Sarray hits a northern lights suplex for a two-count, then Kacy and Kayden hit a quick series of double team moves. Kacy gets backed into the corner and Rose tags in and chokes her on the ropes.

Rose slams Kacy into the buckles and tags Dolan for an Irish whip into a clothesline. Dolan then chokes Kacy on the ropes the same way Rose did. Jacy sneak attacks Kacy and Kayden tries to get involved but the referee backs her off. Rose tags back in and hits a body slam for a two-count, then applies a body scissors. Kacy looks for a crossbody but gets caught and hit with a fallaway slam.

Carter gets the tag and runs over Rose and Kayne with clotheslines, then catches Mandy with a dropkick. Kayden splashes all three in the corner, then dropkicks them and Dolan falls to the floor. Kayden hits a wheelbarrow roll-up into a superkick but Jayne breaks the pin. Kacy runs in and hits Kayne with a pump-kick but Dolan tosses her out of the ring.

Sarray knocks Dolan out with a dropkick, then argues with Mandy. Rose forearms Sarray and hits a wheelbarrow facebuster and she rolls out. Carter superkicks Rose for a near-fall. Carter wants a German suplex but Rose turns it around and a distraction from Jayne allows Mandy to hit a pump knee and score the pinfall for her team.

Winners: Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne

Indi Hartwell and her bridesmaids are backstage. Candace LeRae tells one of them to take a hat off, then tells Indi she looks amazing and they’re all very excited.

*Commercial Break*

William Regal is interviewe backstage and he announces that Kyle O’Reilly won’t be competing in the Fatal 4-Way following his attack earlier tonight and the fans cheer. Replacing him will be newcomer, Von Wagoner.

Ridge Holland Vs. Drake Maverick W/Grayson waller

The bell rings and Maverick shoots for a knee but Ridge hits a stiff forearm to the back. Holland lifts Drake and htis a backbreaker, then an overhead throw. Ridge with a European uppercut, then a short-arm lariat. Holland shouts at Maverick and drops him with a headbutt, then lifts him for Northern Grit and the win.

Winner: Ridge Holland

Tommaso Ciampa is interviewed backstage and he says NXT 2.0 is chaos. A lot of hungry, young talent trying to make a name for themselves. However they’re here for the NXT Championship tonight. It’s been 908 days since he held Goldy, and tonight he gets his redemption.

Diamond Mine comes to the ring, having added a new female member, and the Creed Brothers will be in action after the break.

*Commercial Break*

We see a vignette from a guy called Tony D’Angelo walking down the street. He’s talking in a thick Italian accent with cheesy music. He says he was a great amateur wrestler but his family smartened him up; there’s no money in amateur wrestling. So he’s come to NXT where the money is.

The Creed Brothers W/Diamond Mine Vs. Dan Jarmon & Trevor Skelly

The match begins with Brutus and Trevor. Brutus forces the guy to the ropes but gets slapped in the chest, so he runs Trevor over the ropes. Brutus goes to the outside and drops Dan on the apron before putting Trevor back inside. Julius comes in and lifts Trevor then he and Brutus run the two into each other. Brutus lifts Trevor up in a gutwrench and slams him onto the ropes.

Julius tags in for a gutwrench release suplex. Julius carries Trevor to the corner and tags Dan in himself. Dan lands a nice dropkick but Julius gets angry and runs him into the corner, then picks him up for a wresling slam, then another and a stiff clothesline for the win.

Winners: The Creed Brothers

After the match Diamond Mine gets in the ring. Malcolm Bivens says you may wlak into the ring but you will be carried out. He’s assembled the most dominant force in sports entertainment. He then introduces the new female member, Ivy Nile, who then flexes her impressive physique. He says she hasn’t had a carb in years, she’s run a mle before most people have breakfast, and she was a winner of Titan Games. Kushida comes out and interrupts, then offers Roderick Strong a title shot next week!

*Commercial Break*

Vacant NXT Championship

Pete Dunne Vs. LA Knight Vs. Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Von Wagoner

The main event gets underway and Wagoner sends Knight to the outside while Ciampa beats Dunne down in the corner. Ciampa and Wagoner come face-to-face, then Von knocks Dunne off the apron. Knight rolls up Wagoner for a two-count, then he body slams Ciampa. Knight gets caught with a back elbow from Wagoner, then the newcomer lands a spinning sidewalk slam.

Dunne comes back in and bends the fingers of Wagoner before stomping on his elbow. Dunne and Ciampa come face-to-face and start throwing wild punches. Dunne gets Ciampa down and wants to stomp his elbow but Tommaso avoids it. Ciampa takes Dunne down and batters him with forearms. Knight attacks Ciampa but he gets knocked out of the ring.

Dunne and CIampa go back at it, hitting leapfrogs and drop-downs until Dunne catches old man Ciampa with a clothesline. Von Wagoner comes back in and eats chops from Dunne but hits a big clothesline and he rolls out. Knight rushes in but W hagonerits a reverse S.T.O. Knight rolls out of the ring and Wagoner roars as the fans boo.

*Commercial Break*

During the break Knight tossed Wagoner into the steel steps. Knight has Ciampa in a sleeper but Tommaso fights free and beats on both LA and Dunne. Ciampa hits both with repeated running clotheslines in the corners, then a double clothesline. Wagoner returns and Ciampa wants the Fairytale Ending but gets flipped over. Dunne stomps the fingers of Wagoner, then kicks him and Ciampa. Knight hits BFT on Dunne but Wagoner breaks the pin attempt.

Ciampa clears the ring and hits Knight with Willow’s Bell but Dune drags Knight out of the ring. Ciampa then dives over the ropes onto all three men and goes over to stare at Goldy. Ciampa gets Dunne back in the ring and connects with a big knee. Ciampa wants the Fairytale Ending but Dunne bends the fingers and hits the Bitter End. Knight throws Dunne out of the ring but Wagoner hits him with an Olympic Slam but Knight kicks out. Knight is bust wide open.

Wagoner is attacked by Dunne and Ciampa and they hit stereo forearms. Dunne and Ciampa trade shots with increasing impact untilD unne hits a German suplex and Ciampa rolls out. Dunne jumps to the top rope but Knight intercepts him and hits a superplex. Wagoner hits Knight with a double underhook suplex for a near-fall, then Ciampa runs in and knocks Wagoner out and connects with the Fairytale Ending on Knight for the win.

Winner and New NXT Champion: Tommaso Ciampa

We see a video package hyping the love story of Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell. The guest start filing in because the wedding is up next!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and the ring has been transofmred into a small wedding. Lumis is already at the altar with all the guests and William Regal is stood outside the ring. Johnny Gargano walks Indo to the ring and the fans cheer. The guests sit and the minister introduces everyone. Gargano doesn’t want to give her away but Candace makes him sit down. Austin Theory is asked if he has the rings and he says they’re already in one. Ikemen Jiro then opens his jacket to reveal he has the rings.

The minister asks if anyone believes they shouldn’t be married and almost everyone raises their hands, so Lumis opens his jacket and shows them a hatchet and they back down. Indi shares her vows and says Lumis is her cuddly teddy bear. When people call him a freak she says “damn right he is!” He’s her freak. She starts recounting a dirty story but Lumis stops her and Gargano freaks out. Indi says he’ll never lose a staring contest, he’ll always keep her safe, he gets her, and she loves him.

It’s time for Dexter’s vows and he offers a thumbs up. The minister asks why he has nothing to say and Lumis chokes him out with The Silence. The fans chant “Priest!” William Regal is asked to step in but Beth Phoenix steps up instead. Phoenix says she was prepared for this so she got ordained. She says it’s time to cut to the chase and Andre Chase steps up and starts talking but Odyssey Jones sits him back down.

Indi is asked if she takes Dexter as her husband and she says she does. Lumis is then asked if he takes Indi as his wife and he just stares so Beth says she’ll take that as a yes. Lumis then stops her and leans forward to say “I do” and the CWC loses it’s mind! Beth Phoenix announces them as husband and wife and they kiss. Lumis lifts Indi up and we see Tommaso Ciampa watching on a monitor backstage. Brok Breakker appears and congratulates Ciampa on his huge win. Ciampa thanks him, then congratulates Breakker on his first win in NXT. They shakes hands and Brok stares at the NXT Championship, leading to a tense end to the show.

That’s it for the first-ever NXT 2.0, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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