Tony Khan runs tight ship, but when it comes to making everyone profit, he makes sure he can make it happen. He apparently paid for multiple AEW female wrestlers to appear on NWA EmPowerrr.

Khan took to revealing the details on an AEW All Out media call. He revealed that his move is an effort in supporting other companies as well as his own in making the best sports entertainment possible.

I’m trying to help other companies in addition to my own. I think people have seen a lot of our women’s wrestlers…this past weekend, I loaned some of them out to the NWA and I thought that was a cool event they put together and I was happy to help out with it by sending our AEW talent and paying.

AEW’s All Out is the most anticipated AEW pay-per-view event so far. Khan also talked about how he aims to bring attention to AEW’s Women’s Division through the Casino Battle Royale match.


I had moved the Casino Battle Royale on this card because it is a really valuable match and in the two years when we did the first one, which I was the agent on and I will be the agent on this one too, it was great working with the talent. It’s a much better roster. Just like the first men’s casino battle royale, there were a lot of independent wrestlers and people who, God bless them they are great, but in my opinion the roster is much better. Just like at Double or Nothing, it was a much more coherent and better roster and much better match than the first one and I expect a more coherent roster and better match (with the women). The first women’s casino battle royale was good and I commended everyone coming back. I think we can top it and have a better match. The roster is more stacked and we have more star power. A lot of the biggest stars in the match weren’t here a couple of years ago.

Khan recently made headlines after he said that nobody in AEW has absolute creative control. He also said that there is no such thing as full AEW roster, which has a lot of implications for the company’s future.

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