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SmackDown is set to feature a Universal Championship match as Roman Regins defends his title against Finn Balor.

Also advertised for SmackDown tonight is Sasha Banks, who has not appeared on SmackDown since before SummerSlam.


It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins with a recap of the Bloodline’s celebration on last week’s show and the challenge made from Finn Balor to Roman Regins.

SmackDown is live in Jacksonville, Florida. Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary and Cole announces Pat McAfee will be back on commentary next week.

The Usos make their way out to the ring for a SmackDown Tag Team Championship contender’s match. Before the match, Jimmy Uso grabs a mic and says all he has thought about is why The Street Profits got involved in family business. Jey Uso says they disrespected the Head of the Table, and that if they want to prove themselves, they have to do it to The Usos.

The Usos vs The Street Profits

The match begins with Dawkins and Jey. Jey hits a shoulder tackle and poses with Jimmy on the apron. Dawkins hits a drop kick and a corner spinning elbow. Ford is tagged in and hits a drop kick to both Usos individually. The Usos roll outside and Ford goes for a cross body but is caught and slammed by The Usos.

*Commercial break*

The match returns from commercial break with Ford and Jey in the ring. Jey slams Ford to the mat but Ford pops up and hits an enziguri. Jimmy is tagged in to prevent Dawkins from being tagged in. Ford dodges a spear and Jimmy hits the ring post. Dawkins and Jey are tagged in, Jey hits a Samoan drop and covers for two. Jey stomps Dawkins in the corner and hits a corner splash. The Usos place Dawkins on the top rope but Dawkins is able to fight free. Ford is tagged in and hits the top rope splash but Jey is able to break up the following cover. Ford is thrown into the ring post, but the ref calls for a DQ because Jimmy was not the legal man.

Winner by Disqualification: The Street Profits

The Usos continue to beat down Dawkins on the outside but Ford hits a dive over the top rope to both Usos.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are seen watching backstage. Reigns tells Heyman to bring him his cousins. Heyman leaves Reigns’ locker room and is seen whispering in his phone. Heyman is approached for an interview, Heyman tells Kayla Braxton to enjoy the moment when his phone rings with Brock Lesnar’s theme as the ringtone. Heyman answers after the second call, Heyman says he does not have privacy on the phone, but he will deliver the message. Heyman confronts a janitor, which is revealed to be Big E in a costume, who holds up the Money in the Bank case while laughing hysterically.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way out to the ring. A recap of Biance Belair earning the number one contender spot from last week is shown as Lynch looks on.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with Lynch in the ring. Lynch says the man has come around to Jacksonville. Lynch starts a you deserve it chant herself. Lynch says she was interrupted by the entire locker room last week. Lynch says she wants to talk about Belair. Lynch calls Belair the most athletic woman ever in WWE. Lynch says somehow she is being portrayed as the bad guy. Lynch says her return saved Belair’s match at SummerSlam. Lynch says she has been prepared to get her title back since the day she left, and that Belair not being ready is her own fault. Lynch says Belair can call herself the best, but she knows it’s all a lie, and she can’t fake experience. Belair comes out and grabs a mic to say that the championship was more to her than just a title. Belair says the match at SummerSlam replays in her head constantly. Belair says she was embarrassed and hurt by it. Belair says she will not make excuses for herself. Belair says she will bounce back and take her title back. Belair says she earned the rematch Lynch did not give her. Belair again challenges Lynch for a title match tonight. Lynch tells Belair no and leaves the ring.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are walking backstage. Ziggler meets Toni Storm and he asks her to be in his corner for his match. Storm says she is actually rooting for Rick Boogs tonight.

Rick Boogs appears on stage with his guitar in hand. Boogs introduces Intercontinental Champion King Nakamura and plays him down to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Dolph Ziggler vs Rick Boogs

The match begins with amateur style wrestling as the two exchange holds on the mat. Boogs lifts Ziggler with a gorilla press and drops him to the mat. Boogs tries a pump handle slam but Ziggler rakes the eyes to escape. Boogs catches the super kick and spins Ziggler around for a pump handle slam and a cover for the three count.

Winner: Rick Boogs

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville approach Becky Lynch to announce that a title match between her and Belair has been made for Extreme Rules.

Cesaro appears on stage and makes his way to the ring for a match.

*Commercial break*

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage. Rollins says tonight is the perfect opportunity for a new beginning. Rollins calls Edge an inspiration and that he found what lead Edge to victory at SummerSlam and he will use that to defeat Cesaro tonight.

Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

The match begins with a lockup. Cesaro catches Rollins in mid air and hits a back breaker. Cesaro follows outside and hits an uppercut. Cesaro slams Rollins off the barricade and throws him back in. Rollins hits a drop kick to stop Cesaro. Cesaro hits a drop kick of his own and goes for the swing but Rollins gets to the ropes to prevent it. Rollins hits a DDT and covers for two.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Cesaro hitting the corner face first after Rollins catches him. Cesaro hits an uppercut and goes up top. Rollins slides under to avoid the superplex and hits the buckle bomb. Rollins goes for a neck breaker but Cesaro escapes and hits an uppercut. Rollins hits the edge-omatic move that Edge uses. Cesaro counters the stomp with a power bomb. Cesaro hits a corner uppercut and a lariat and gets a two count from a cover. Cesaro goes for the swing but Rollins counters with a roll up for two. Cesaro again goes for the swing and pulls it off this time. After the swing Cesaro applies the sharpshooter but Rollins forces a rope break. Cesaro throws Rollins over the top to the outside. Cesaro goes for an uppercut to the barricade but Rollins hits with a chair to cause the DQ.

Winner by Disqualification: Cesaro

Rollins continues the assault with a char to Cesaro. Rollins grabs a second chair and stomps off a steel bar from the chair. Rollins locks Cesaro in the cross face submission using the steel bar like Edge has done in the past. After the hold is broken Rollins goes back to hit the stomp on Cesaro. Rollins grabs another chair and puts Cesaro’s head on the chair and hits grabs the other char. Edge runs out to save Cesaro and Rollins rolls out of the ring. Rollins walks out through the crowd as Edge checks on Cesaro.

The Bloodline is seen talking backstage. Reigns tells The Usos to stick to the script. Heyman walks in to tell Reigns that they have a problem. Reigns says he has no problem and he will smash Finn Balor. Heyman says that the problem is with Brock Lesnar. Heyman says that Lesnar will be at Madison Square Garden next week for SmackDown. Reigns asks Heyman how he knows, Heyman admits he talked to Lesnar on the phone. Reigns asks how Heyman knows lesnar isn’t here tonight as Reigns shows discomfort in his eyes.

A whit car is seen pulling up. “Happy” Baron Corbin walks out in a nice suit and hat. Kevin Owens comes out to the ring as a segment known as “The KO Show” is announced as next with Corbin as special guest.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Edge interviewed backstage. Edge said that he hoped Rollins would have moved on. Edge says he knows the game Rollins is playing and it’s dangerous and it needs to stop. Edge challenges Rollins to match next week on SmackDown. Edge says he burned Rollins down once and once he does it again Rollins will never be the same.

Kevin Owens sits in the ring for the Kevin Owens show. Owens says his guest tonight has a very good reason for being here, and Owens introduces “Happy Corbin”. Corbin makes his way out to the ring. Corbin gets on the mic and says he’s happy to be a part of the Kevin Owens show. Corbin says if it wasn’t for Owens, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Owens denies any responsibility for what has happened with Corbin. Corbin says he has a special guest which Owens questions. Corbin introduces Logan Paul who comes out to a strong negative reaction from the crowd. Paul thanks Owens for having him on the show. Owens says he never invited him and wouldn’t subject the people to him. Paul references his brother Jake Paul, to more boos from the crowd. Owens says it makes sense the to would be friends. Owens calls Paul the most useless piece of trash to enter a WWE ring. Paul holds out money to Owens and Owens slaps it out of his hands. Owens says he doesn’t need his money but what he needs is for Logan Paul to leave his ring and never show his face in WWE again. Paul shoves Owens and Owens shoves Paul. Owens charges at Paul and Corbin takes Owens out with a cheap shot. Paul and Corbin stand tall over Owens and leave the ring together.

*Commercial break*

*Commercial break*

Sami Zayn vs Dominik Mysterio

The match begins with Dominik countering an arm drag before Zayn slams him down. Zayn hits a big lariat to knock Dominik down. Dominik hits a huricanrana and goes for the 619 but Zayn rolls out of the ring. Zayn walks away but Rey Mysterio walks out. Dominik hits a dive over the top to Zayn. Back in the ring and Zayn hits a Helluva kick and covers for three.

Winner: Sami Zayn

*Commercial break*

Universal Championship

Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor

Before the bell The Usos attack Balor while he makes his entrance. The Usos attack Balor with the steel steps. The Street Profits run out to stop the beat down but Balor remains in pain on the mat. With Balor hurt Reigns makes his entrance.

*Commercial break*

The match begins back live with Reigns backing Balor into the corner. Reigns throws Balor to the mat. Reigns hits Balor with several corner lariats. Balor hits a drop kick to the legs to avoid the spear. Reigns hits a headbutt. Balor hits a sling blade but is met with an uppercut. Reigns covers for a two count.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Balor hitting a drop kick and Reigns hitting a kick to the head to end up with both men o the mat. Balor gets up first and hits punches before Reigns hits a knee to the mid section. Balor ducks a lariat and hits a kick. Reigns reverses and throws Balor outside the ring. Reigns goes outside but Balor pulls the apron to trap Reigns and stomp Reigns’ head repeatedly. Balor dives over the top rope and throws Reigns in. Reigns avoids the Coup De Grace and hits a Superman punch and covers but Balor kicks out at two. Balor gets an inside cradle for a two count. Balor hits a corner drop kick and goes up top. Balor hits the Coup De grace and Reigns kicks out at two. The replay reveals Reigns hit a low blow on the kick out and commentary is unsure if it was intentional. Reigns locks in the guillotine submission and Balor eventually fades and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Roman reigns and Paul Heyman leave with the title as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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