Matt Riddle is one to talk a lot and that can sometimes get him into trouble. It seems that there is a bit of heat on him after he made some comments about Roman Reigns last week.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio this week, Dave Meltzer brought up how Riddle is portrayed as a fool at times on WWE programming, one who doesn’t know what he’s saying. This is reflective of real life as he went on to explain how those comments Riddle made about Reigns didn’t land favorably within the backstage area.

“His mouth gets him in trouble a lot, including this last week. It’s not like it’s gonna hurt his push, because Vince likes him and everything, but he ruffled some feathers again with his comments on Roman Reigns where he said in a real fight he could beat him up and how Roman Reigns isn’t a needle mover. Those were based on Roman’s statements about Punk which did not age particularly well.”


Matt Riddle is still in a prime spot on WWE programming, because Vince McMahon likes him. Still, that won’t win him any favors within the roster, especially if he is trash talking the Head of the Table. Perhaps, Riddle needs to acknowledge the Tribal Chief.

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