Charlotte Flair captured yet another Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. Charlotte is recognized as 12 time WWE Women’s Champion and has had constant success since her main roster debut in 2015. With Charlotte also winning the title at Money in the Bank before, many compare her accolades to other wrestling mega stars.

The Queen has been compared to John Cena before, reflecting both of their many world championship victories. Charlotte herself has bought in to these comparisons and says herself that she wants to be viewed as the female John Cena.

Charlotte said in an interview with DAZN News that the Cena comparison is exactly what she wants. Charlotte said that there will never truly be another John Cena, but she wants to model her career after Cena.

“He’s John Cena. Yes, I want to be the female John Cena. And if people say that, then I’m going to continue, even if I don’t feel like I’ve gotten there yet, but I’m going to continue to work as hard and feel that I want to be that way with everything I do.”


Charlotte would also say that she wants to model more than just her in ring career after Cena. Charlotte said she wants to be embody WWE like Cena outside the ring.

Charlotte’s time at the top of WWE’s Women’s division seems to be far from over. With her many world championship victories, the comparisons to Cena will likely persist for the rest of her career.

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h/t to DAZN for the quotes

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