Roman Reigns is doing what many people consider the best work of his career after turning heel in 2020. After Brock Lesnar’s return at SummerSlam, Reigns’ next Universal Championship challenger seems to be set. Among previous reports of Lesnar being the possible babyface, that was done as a means to not alter Roman Reigns’ character.

In their previous championship encounters, the roles were clearly defined. Lesnar was the unstoppable heel, Reigns was the heroic baby face. To the delight of many new fans of heel Reigns, this feud does not appear to be a return to form.

When Mike Johnson was asked on PW Insider if Brock Lesnar’s return means that Roman Reigns will turn babyface, Johnson confirmed, “They are not turning Roman.”

Lesnar has not been a true babyface since his WrestleMania feud with Kurt Angle in 2003. The last Lesnar face turn occurred when Paul Heyman turned against Lesnar for a new client, similar to Heyman’s current affiliation with Reigns.


The two have faced off in numerous PPV championship matches, with Lesnar always being the champion and a heel. Reigns is quickly approaching one full year as champion. A babyface Brock Lesnar could be the biggest challenge yet for the heel champion.

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