Mustafa Ali and Mansoor have pretty interesting thing going on the red brand. Ali took Mansoor along with him to show him how things are done in the big leagues. However, there was some clear disparity between the two. Mansoor defeated Jinder Mahal as Mahal’s ceaseless stomping got him disqualified.

Mansoor was straight about not getting any help from Ali, which led to Ali letting him take the worst of Mahal’s beating. Even though it worked in his favor, Ali pulled also disturbed Mansoor’s interview with Sarah Schreiber in a Post-RAW piece of footage.

PWInsider now reports that the duo will become a regular babyface on the red brand. As Mansoor and Ali had an argument about the actions of Ali, Mansoor simply received a choice from him. Ali told Mansoor “Look Mansoor, you can do things your way, or we can do things my way. That choice is yours.” 

Mustafa Ali & Mansoor might go against Veer and Shanky. They also went up against MACE and T-BAR, which could come into play again. Mustafa Ali is rather annoyed with his partnership with Mansoor. He also took to calling out “simpletons” who can’t see the difference between Mansoor and himself.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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