Brock Lesnar shocked the world with his SummerSlam return. Fans were bit surprised even before that when he debuted a new Viking look complete with a beard and ponytail. This wasn’t lost on Matt Riddle either.

During WWE The Bump, Matt Riddle opened up a bit about his ongoing rivalry with Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. They are both dream matches that he’s been after even before reaching the WWE main roster.

The Original Bro also took a chance to fire a bit of a shady shot at Brock Lesnar’s new Viking look.

“I’ll say this, don’t want to talk too much trash – I know that’s not like me, but I don’t want to talk too much trash. Brock or Bill? Both are premium competitors… we won’t say Stallion. Brock, I’m gonna call him Mr. Beast because that’s what was on the door in the back, and I was like ‘Who the hell is Mr. Beast? I’m pretty sure that’s Brock.’ But Mr. Beast came back, Mr. Beast came down to the ring, and Mr. Beast did his thing. I’m not a huge fan of Mr. Beast’s man bun [Evan Mack says people like Brock’s man bun, to which Riddle replies ‘I’m not everybody’]. But hey, I’m a fan of his work, I’m a fan of his caliber of athleticism, I’m a fan of that, so good for him.


We’ll have to see if WWE ever books Matt Riddle for one or two of those dream matches. As his star continues to climb in WWE, it’s even more likely that one or both of those bouts will go down. If anything, Riddle isn’t letting go of his hopes for a future match against Goldberg and Lesnar.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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