Heavy Machinery’s Otis and Tucker had a fun ride together full of steaks and weights. Tucker said that Heavy Machinery never got the opportunity to get their hands on the title because they got over own their own. When the duo split, the two were live on Talking Smack and the audience got to see what they had to say after hearing the sad news.

As Tucker went on the “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast, he had quite lot to say about his release from WWE, Triple H’s opinion of the former duo’s name and his own body transformation.

I’m probably 240 right now. The biggest I’ve been with Heavy Machinery, I was 325. I was probably 315 when we moved up from NXT to RAW and SmackDown. Part of that fit the fat guy gimmick, part of what Heavy Machinery was. I’ve always been a big guy. I wrestled at heavyweight in college.  The weight class there was 285.  I don’t have the best metabolism.  My family genetically, we just don’t.

Tucker even posted a picture back in May where he had been doing DPP Yoga at his home. He clearly had his grind on, and the results are here for the world to see. We will have to see what happens after his non-compete clause ends, but it seems like he will be a much slimmer version of his former self wherever he shows up next.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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