Darby Allin has a lot of fans and he has many tattoos as well. Naturally a lot of his fans also have tattoos, but one superfan really took things overboard with her ink. She got multiple tattoos of the former TNT Champion around her entire neck.

The going rumor, and betting odds, say that Darby Allin is set to face CM Punk in the Second City Savior’s first match with the company. All of the teases are there, and fans will likely see a huge moment on August 20th as Punk makes his way to AEW. This certain fan will likely root for Allin above anyone he ever faces.

Darby Allin posted a video of a superfan at an event who got some incredible ink dedicated to him. She got “Darby” on one side of her neck and “Allin” on the other. This wasn’t enough, because she also got a portrait of Allin on her throat to tie everything together.

“Wild tattoo,” Darby Allin tweeted out as a caption to this woman’s tattoos. He couldn’t believe it, but those tats show just how much dedication this fan has for him. Allin was also the cameraman for this little video, because nobody else has the same hand tattoos as he gave her a gesture to “rock on.”


We’ve seen a lot of bold pro wrestling tattoos, but this one is a new frontrunner for biggest statement. You can check out the video below.

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