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Suffice to say it’s been a tumultous week for NXT with WWE having released 13 Superstars, including NXT regulars like Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish, Jake Atlas and Leon Ruff. However the show must go on and that’s exactly what will happen tonight as the NXT Breakout Tournament continues and we head towards TakeOver 36.

Odyssey Jones faces Trey Baxter in the first semi-final bout of the Breakout Tournament. Jones is a heavy favourite, no pun intended, to win the tournament, so we expect him to lay waste to Baxter. Meanwhile, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly come face-to-face with William Regal present, Sarray faces Dakota Kai, and Ilja Dragunov makes his NXT debut to hype his massive rematch with Walter.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



This week’s NXT kicks-off with a look back at last week and preview of tonight’s show.

Dakota Kai makes her way to the ring to a chorus of boos from the fans in the CWC. She says she hopes Raquel Gonzalez is watching because she is about to beat the unbeaten Sarray. She’s no-one sidekick and she is the next NXT Women’s Champion.

Dakota Kai Vs. Sarray

Sarray wants a handshake but Dakota slaps it away. They lock-up and go back-and-forth with wristlocks. Kai beats Sarray into the corner but the newcomer lands a bodyslam, then applies a modified STF. Kai pulls Sarray’s hair to break free and kicks her in the ribs. Kai chokes Sarray with a boot in the corner, then hits a snapmare and a kick to the back.

Kai tries to keep Sarray down but she bridges out of a pin and takes Kai down with a roll-up for two. Sarray applies a modified single leg Boston crab and Kai crawls to the ropes. Sarray manages to mount some offence and build a head of steam. She hits a northern lights suplex for a two-count. Sarray heads to the top rope as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Sarray hits Kai with a German suplex. Sarray pins Kai for a two and quickly follows-up with a double stomp. Sarray forearms Dakota’s back and lands another German suplex for a two-count. Kai whips Sarray into the corner and hits a face wash for a two-count. Kai and Sarray throw wild punches, then dropkicks.

Sarray hits her nasty dropkick to Kai on the bottom rope and looks for a second but Dakota avoids it and pump kicks her. The camera cuts to the outside where Raquel Gonzalez is seen walking into the arena! Sarray hits a roll-up for a two-count, then another for a near-fall. She lands some kicks, then hits ropes but Kai cuts her off with a big kick to the face and wins!

Winner: Dakota Kai

After the match Kai looks for another kick but Raquel rushes into the ring and Dakota flees. Gonzalez gets in the ring and tells Dakota she will never be her and she’ll never have the Women’s Championship. She’ll get her chance at TakeOver 36 but she will tear her apart.

We see Indi Hartwell applying make-up for her first date with Dexter Lumis. Gargano and LeRae are discussing their plans and Johnny tells her they have to make this work for the family. Dexter Lumis arrives at the house with black roses and Johnny reluctantly lets him inside. Candace tries to talk Indi out of going while Johnny asks Lumis what his intentions are. Dexter doesn’t speak and Johnny tells him he will take her to a nice restaurant, show her a great time and have her home by ten. The happy couple leave and the Gargano’s follow them.

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Hit Row are in the back of a truck with a trash can on fire because rap. They say Legado Del Fantasma has made things personal and they’re going to regret it.

Ilja Dragunov comes to the NXT ring for the first time. Ilja says he’s not a man of big words because, where he comes from, words mean nothing. Pain means something. He says fighting spirit means something and he channels his spirit and his pain into his fists. He’s going to do the unthinkable and end Walter’s reign at TakeOver 36.

Pete Dunne interrupts Ilja and comes to the ring in street clothes. Dunne tells Ilja he owes him a big thank you. He put NXT UK on the map and carried the continent of Europe on his back. Dunne says Ilja doesn’t get to face Walter or compete at TakeOver were it not for him. And if he’d stayed in the UK he would have put Dragunov in his place a long time ago. Ilja says Dunne has a lot of words but he’s only here because he gave everything he had and carried his destroyed body to the top. He will do the impossible, the thing Dunne couldn’t, and beat Walter. Dragunov challenges Dunne to a match tonight and he accepts.

Cameron Grimes and L.A Knight are interviewed backstage. Knight denies leaving Grimes hanging last week and says he cost him the match. He gave Grimes an opportunity to clear up his mess but he failed because he’s a failure. Ted Dibiase is filling Grimes’ head full of crap but he’s a butler and a damn good one. Knight makes Grimes says it’s his game and put the title on his shoulder.

*Commercial Break*

L.A Knight W/Cameron Grimes Vs. Andre Chase

The match gets underway with a headlock from Knight. He hits a shoulder tackle but Chase comes back with one of his own. There’s a little back-and-forth before Knight hits Blunt Force Trauma for the win.

Winner: L.A Knight

After the match Knight makes Grimes come into the ring and put the title on him but out comes Ted Dibiase! The Hall of Famer gets a microphone and says this has gone on too far. He knows Cameron is a man of his word but he sees a lot more in him that being a butler. He says he believes in Grimes and so do the fans. Knight tells Dibiase to go to the back or he’ll hit him again. Dibiase says Knight needs to shut his mouth. He says if Knight would put the title on the line again he thinks Grimes can win. Knight says no, he beat Grimes twice, it’s proven scientifically. That said, he can have him one more time at TakeOver 36. And this time, when he wins, Dibiase will become his permanent butler! Grimes tries to tell Dibiase no but Ted believes in Grimes and he accepts.

Gigi Dolan cuts a promo in which she’s cutting black roses. She calls-out Dakota Kai, Sarray, Raquel Gonzalez and more, saying she’s on her way to the top and she’s not alone.

*Commercial Break*

Gigi Dolan W/Jacy Jayne Vs. Amari Miller

Dolan slams Miller down right away and laughs. Miller takes a wristlock but Dolan counters, hits a snapmare and shoves her in the face. Miller takes the back but Dolan elbows her. Miller hits a clothesline and a neckbreaker for a one-count. Dolan scurries to the apron, then grabs her arm and snaps it over the ropes. Dolan stomps the hand of Amari, then drills her with some short-arm forearms. Dolan hits something like a cross between a pumphandle and a crucifix pin for the win.

Winner: GIGI DOlan

*Commercial Break*

Indi and Dexter are on their date ordering lots of food and they hear Johnny Gargano on a walkie talkie, leading them to find Candace at a nearby table behind a menu. Indi tells Johnny to leave her alone, then rejoins Lumis.

William Regal is in the ring with a half dozen security guards. Regal introduces Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly to discuss their final match. Regal reveals their match at TakeOver will be a Two-Out-of-Three-Falls. They each can choose a fall and should the match go to a final fall it will be his choice. O’Reilly says he has respect for Regal and that’s why he doesn’t just kill Cole right now. He’s thought about lots of ways to hurt Cole but he can think of nothing that would hurt Cole’s ego more, than a straight pinfall or submission. So the first fall will be a regular singles match.

Cole says he has proven time and again for 13 years that he is better than O’Reilly in every possible way. He beat O’Reilly at Stand & Deliver but the referee was down and his win didn’t matter anyway because it was unsanctioned. Then he beat him in the rematch, decisively. He needs to end this the only way it can: a street fight. Cole plans on winning 2-0. O’Reilly says Cole taught him, sharpened the blade and handed him the sword. That’s why he dropped his brains on the steel steps. Regardless he has his priorities straight. He need to put Cole down for good and he’s willing to do literally anything to end him.

Cole calls him a moron and says he did teach him but for 13 years he’s been failing to live up to his legacy. He will never be Adam Cole. He’s the greatest Superstar NXT has ever seen and O’Reilly is little more than a footnote. Cole says O’Reilly has no killer instinct, he’s soft and pathetic. O’Reilly takes his jacket off and Cole dares him to hit him. Cole says he means nothing to him and they start brawling but they get immediately pulled apart. Regal says he knew this wuld happen, so if they need a third fall at TakeOver, it will be inside a steel cage.

Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa are sitting backstage talking about Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan. They say they need Ridge Holland to beat them but Holland is not as good as either of them. Holland is the type of guy chosen by the industry because he’s big but they’re the kinds of guys that chose the industry. They worked their asses off all over the world to be the best and Holland can’t hold a candle to them. Thatcher challenges Holland to a match.

*Commercial Break*

MSK cut a promo in which they mock Imperium’s pose and tell them they aren’t ruining the division but injecting it with life. And if Imperium want some they know where to find them.

NXT Breakout Tournament


Trey Baxter Vs. Odyssey Jones

The first few minutes of the match sees Baxter doing his best to avoid Jones and his strength. Baxter lands a forearm and some kicks but Jones grabs jim and throws him high into the air. Baxter goes to the apron and punches Jones but gets thrwn across the ring. Trey jumps on Jones’ back and tries to choke him but gets slung off.

Jones grabs a foot but Baxter hits a mule kick. Jones holds on so Baxter hits another, then starts dropkicking the leg of Jones. Baxter hits a DDT and a spin kick for a two-count. Odyssey dodges a dive and hits an avalanche in the corner, then hits a throw-up Rock Bottom for the win.

Winner: Odyssey Jones

Odyssey Jones is the first man in the final of the Breakout Tournament. He will face the winner of Carmelo Hayes Vs. Duke Hudson. Jones is interviewed at ringside and he says he is beyond excited. “Look mama, I made it baby!”

*Commecial Break*

Malcolm Bivens leaves William Regal’s office with a big smile on his face. Regal comes out and says that next week will see two huge matches: Roderick Strong Vs. Kushida for the Cruiserweight Championship: and MSK Vs. Imperium for the NXT Tag Team Championship’s.

BOA W/Mei Ying Vs. Drake Maverick

The match gets underway and Mei Ying is actually standing at ringside. Maverick lands some kicks and targets the left knee of Boa but gets caught with a palm strike. Boa stomps the hand of Drake, then twists the wrist and kicks his chest. Boa lifts Maverick onto his shoulders but Drake counters with a hurricanrana.

Drake with a dropkick to the knee, then one to the face. Boa rolls outside and Maverick goes to the top rope for a cannonball on the floor. Maverick gets Boa back in the ring but turns into a poison mist from Mei Ying. Maverick stumbles back inside and Boa clocks him with a headkick for the win.

Winner: Boa

*Commercial Break*

We’re back in the restaurant and Indi is talking the leg off of Dexter. Gargano shows-up in a wig and moustache as a waiter with cake. Indi sees through the disguise and they argue until Gargano accidentally slams the cake into Lumis’ face. Johnny runs away and Indi eats the cake off his face.

We get a video package for Karrion Kross Vs. Samoa Joe. Kross says Joe feels like Superman, showing up with the red cape to save the day but he doesn’t buy it. Joe is not a good guy, he’s not too dissimilar to him. Joe says Kross is like a house fire but he’s so much more. Kross says he knew the moment he first looked in Joe’s eyes he was here for a second chance at the NXT Championship. Joe says he isnt here for the title, he’s here to “fu$k him up”. Next week they will come face-to-face one last time.

*Commercial Break*

Pete Dunne Vs. Ilja Dragunov

The main event gets underway and Dunne takes Ilja down with a wristlock and he bends the fingers. Dragunov tries to fight up but gets slammed back down. Ilja hits a fireman’s carry and takes the arm but Dunne turns the tables. They continue a technical affair until Dunne slams him and takes a headlock. Ilja fights up and hits a hip-toss and a headlock.

Dunne pummels the face of Ilja, then hits a leaping knee and a stiff kick to the back. Dunne slaps Ilja hard in the face and kicks his back again. Dragunov misses a slap but lands a big lariat and grabs the waist. Dragunov wants a German suplex but Dunne lands on his feet. Dragunov bends under a clothesline and hits a belly-to-belly followed by a flying knee drop for a two-count.

Dragunov gets frustrated and goes to the top rope but Dunne meets him up there and grasb hold of the arm again. Ilja slaps the chest of Dunne a few times and leaps for another knee but Pete catches him with a big forearm in mid-air. Dragunov rolls from the ring. Dunne goes after him and stompos his hands on the steps as we head to the final break of the night.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Dunne is still in control and kicking Ilja in the face repeatedly. Dragunov lariats Dunne but Pete fires back with stiff forearms. Dragunov drops him and looks for a punch but Dunne grabs the leg and snaps it with his feet. Dunne shoves him into the ropes but gets caught with the Constantine Special and both men are down. Ilja headbutts Dunne, then lifts him but Pete takes the wrist. Dragunov elbows Dunne in the head a few times, then hits a side suplex for a near-fall.

Both men pull themselves up and Dunne kicks Ilja before kicking his elbow. Dragunov hits a big chop and a senton. Dunne takes an armbar but Ilja rolls through into a submission and elbows Dunne. Pete knees him in the face and goes back to the armbar. Dunne transitions to a triangle choke but Ilja lifts him for a powerbomb and a near-fall. Dragunov lifts Dunne but again Pete goes to the fingers.

Dunne stomps the fingers and kicks the head, then throws him to the ropes but Ilja can’t do the Constantine Special again because of his fingers. Pete looks for the Bitter End but Dragunov escapes. Dunne takes him down with an armbar again but Dragunov rolls through into a German suplex for a near-fall. Ilja goes to the top rope for a flying senton and lands it. Walter comes out and stands on the stage with his NXT Championship. Dunne attempts the Bitter End but Dragunov escapes. Dragunov knees him and runs but gets caught with a forearm. Dunne hits the Bitter End for the win!

Winner: Pete Dunne

Walter comes down to the ring after the match and stares at Pete Dunne, who shrugs and leaves. Walter rolls up his sleeves and slaps Ilja, then looks to choke him but Dragunov flings him off and hits Torpedo Moskau and Walter rolls out. Ilja holds the NXT UK Championship to close the show.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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