John Cena made his big return at Money in the Bank, and few fans thought he would be around WWE so often. Even when he doesn’t appear on television, he’s still there for dark match. It turns out that was his idea.

Cena went on the Id1ot Podcast to discuss his recent WWE return and what’s next for him. On the podcast, the 16-time World Champion revealed that after his initial return to WWE, he requested to work more dates than WWE originally planned for him to work.

John Cena made his return to WWE at the end of the Money in the Bank PPV to confront Universal Champion Roman Reigns. WWE has set up a match for the Universal Championship between Reigns and Cena for SummerSlam. Cena has yet to wrestle a televised match since his return, however Cena has wrestled a total of nine matches so far, all of which have been dark matches after RAW and SmackDown or at live events.

Cena revealed that when he was working out the details of his return with WWE, they only planned to have him work a few dates. Cena said that during the talks with WWE, he requested to work many more dates than WWE asked of him to get back to working in front of a live crowd and to draw more of a live crowd to WWE’s events.


“When WWE wants you to come back, I gave them myself, they asked me to come back for only a few dates and I said, ‘No, I want to do all these dates.’ To one, get back in front of an audience. Two, to help the brand get audiences back in the building.”

Cena made many televised appearances on RAW and SmackDown in addition to working dark matches after the shows go off the air. He is hyping his SummerSlam match against for the Universal Title, a belt he has yet to carry for the company. Many fans worldwide eagerly await being able to see Cena wrestle live again with him working televised matches again soon.

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