You never know who is really behind messages you receive online. It is sad, but 2021 gives people far too many options to deceive. That caused a huge rise in catfishing, but it only really works if you can convince someone that you are the person in the photo. That didn’t work with one fan, because he knows what Brandi Rhodes looks like.

A Twitter account, @HateYoKids, shared a few screenshots from a Facebook conversation. The only caption needed was: “My Catfish Experience.”

The images show a conversation with a girl who is initially called out for introducing herself using the wrong name. That is always a red flag, but she explained that she was using her mother’s Facebook account for some reason.

Then this catfish shared a “photo of herself.” Much to this fan’s surprise, he was soon looking at a selfie of Brandi Rhodes. No, Brandi is not stepping out on Cody to get with people on Facebook while using her mother’s profile. This was obviously a catfish, but the fan still had fun with it.


He called her an “ELITE BEAUTY,” but the catfish didn’t get it. Then he asked if they can be “best friends.” They might not have realized who the photo was really of. This is likely since they probably wouldn’t have used it in the first place if that was the case.

In the end, the catfish didn’t catch anyone thanks to their photo choice. Be careful out there on the internet, friends. You can check out the conversation below.

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Felix Upton

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