Pete Dunne has been trending on Twitter ever since the news today that his WWE contract is coming to an end. Rumors and general surprise from fans have flooded Twitter. Needless to say, people have a lot to say.

Dunne’s name joins Adam Cole’s who is also in very interesting situation when it comes to his deal with WWE. Cole is on an extension through SummerSlam and no long-term offer has been made to him. We are uncertain about how Dunne’s deal is going right now, but it’s supposed to end soon.

“Pete Dunne would be a perfect fit for NJPW. Put the man in Suzuki-Gun and watch the money flow,” tweeted one fan anticipating Dunne’s future.

“Pete Dunne is 27 years old. He has also put on some of the best matches of the NXT Golden Era. Then add in the fact that his style is very different to what AEW currently have… If you can sign Pete Dunne, go sign Pete Dune, AEW,” said another fan with high praise for Dunne.


While Dunne’s current contract with WWE is expiring, there is always the possibility WWE signs Dunne to a new contract. “Pete Dunne is a wrestler who could do almost anything. He’s so dang good. WWE would be smart to lock him into a big contact… if he trusts them enough to sign.” Says one fan who considers resigning Dunne important for WWE,” another fan tweeted out.

“Just saying my friends, NXT wouldn’t be teasing Dunne vs Joe and putting him in a new faction, if he was just gonna leave. I’m very confident a deal will be agreed upon. Pete Dunne is the future of NXT, he’s one of the top guys on the brand already and he’s only 27,” said one fan who was sure that Dunne will stay with WWE.

The news of Dunne’s contract expiring comes soon after the news of Adam Cole’s contract expiring. “I wonder if wrestlers like Adam Cole or Pete Dunne would try negotiating NXT-exclusive contracts that would inherently block a move to Raw or SmackDown if that’s a concern of theirs.” Says a fan speaking on both wrestler’s contracts,” said another user on Twitter.

Dunne’s contract expiring has certainly been treated as a major story for wrestling fans. We will continue to follow this story here at Ringside News. You can check out a variety of responses below about Pete Dunne’s current situation.

You can check out a few of the responses below that are currently flooding Wrestling Twitter.

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