CM Punk seems to be on his way to AEW, and it’s only a matter of time. Fans at Daily’s Place chanted “CM Punk” during Homecoming, because the expectation is that he will be back in the ring soon. Jim Ross is one who can’t wait to see it happen.

Jim Ross said on his Grilling JR podcast that he hopes CM Punk becomes member of the AEW roster. As Ringside News has exclusively previously reported, CM Punk has signed a contract to become part of AEW. Since Punk left WWE in 2014, fan rumors have run wild about if, when and where we would see CM Punk in professional wrestling again.

Jim Ross said that CM Punk has helped contribute to many wrestlers and that Ross knows he would do the same for the young talent of AEW. Ross said that Punk is willing to share his knowledge and expertise of the wrestling world.

“I hope we sign him and hope he’s one of our guys. CM Punk is a treasure and he contributed a lot to a lot of guys, and he’s willing to share his knowledge and expertise to other talents. He’s placed it forward and has no problem doing so. That’s my take on him. Anybody who signs CM Punk for limited engagements or in our company, we’re only working one day a week. This is becoming elementary. Why do people want to come to AEW? Because they can have a life. They can create to their own creative. They can creative their own storylines and own promo material. It’s a way to express yourself creatively. If we can sign CM Punk to our roster, it’s a great get. I hope that we do some point in time sooner than later. He’s just a huge player in the big picture. Am I worried the layoff is gonna affect his work? We know it’s gonna affect his work to some degree because he’s eight years older. He’s in his 40s, but that doesn’t seem to matter in today’s wrestling business, especially when you have a schedule like ours.”


While CM Punk to AEW is being treated as a done deal. Punk has yet to make an appearance on any AEW show. No current wrestler or anyone signed with AEW has confirmed that CM Punk is officially a part of AEW.

While fans have waited for CM Punk’s return for years, with the recent news of CM Punk to AEW, fans are anxiously waiting the arrival of the Chicago made star to AEW.

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