Maven won the first-ever Tough Enough competition, but his days in the ring are long over at this point. He is doing fine and is able to look back at his career fondly. Despite his retirement, you can never count out guest appearance here and there.

Fans first discovered Maven on a reality television competition, but how much competition was really there? While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Maven revealed that there was a time when he almost left the show because of his mother’s illness. This is when he was told that as long as he wasn’t ‘a f*ck up,’ then the Tough Enough trophy was his.

“Little thing about Tough Enough, I knew I was winning going into it. They told me in so many words. My mom was sick at the time, battling cancer, and I had to leave the show around week 7 of 9 of the show. 13 people were doing the show and a few of them quit. Doing wrestling is gonna hurt, it’s gonna suck, but I’m not gonna quit. The only thing that could have made me leave is my mom. So I sat down with the coaches and I said that my mom’s sister just sent me a message saying ‘your mom’s in the hospital and the doctors don’t know if she’ll make it through the weekend.’ I tell them, ‘I gotta go. I don’t want to, but I have to, I’ll pick up training whenever I figure out what’s going on with her.'”

“They were like, ‘listen, we’re stop the show and fly you back whenever you’re ready.’ Without the cameras around, the say, ‘Listen, you’re our frontrunner right now. You get home and you get back here and just don’t be a f*ck up, and it’s pretty much yours.'”


This is not the first time that we heard a story about Tough Enough being rigged. Chelsea Green recently took fire at the show for running a fixed operation.

Maven did win that competition and he went on to have a little run in WWE. He also eliminate The Undertaker from the Royal Rumble which stands as a landmark achievement for his tenure with WWE.

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