AEW and WWE are in the same market, but Vince McMahon doesn’t see Tony Khan’s company as big competition. During WWE’s second-quarter 2021 earnings call, Vince McMahon stated that AEW is nowhere near close to the same competition that the defunct WCW was.

Chris Jericho commented on The Chairman’s remarks during a recent interview with Inside The Ropes by saying that AEW isn’t worried about what WWE is doing because they’re focused on their own product.

The former AEW Champion proceeded to reveal that AEW doesn’t consider WWE to be its competition either, and instead, the promotion regards itself as its own competition.

“I think that’s one of the reasons why we’ve gone as far as we have and why our demos have crept up to where they are and where our ratings have crept up to where they are. So WWE is not competition for us. We’re competition for ourselves. So for Vince to say that – to me, it’s probably reverse psychology and that he does see us as competition. But deep down inside, what does it really matter?”


Jericho went on to say that once AEW beat’s WWE in the demos, the two companies will begin competing over TV deals.

“Now when our demo ends up beating theirs and TV deals start coming in for us at the billions, then I truly think there will be a lot of competition because now you’re fighting for money, you’re not just fighting for bragging rights – and bragging rights don’t mean anything. It’s the money that you make from it that counts. So we’ll see what happens.”

Chris Jericho recently battled Nick Gage in a Death Match on AEW Dynamite. He is set to face former WCW star Juventud Guerrera on this week’s episode of Dynamite as part of his ongoing storyline with MJF.

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