Mark Henry was a part of several famous angles during his WWE career. One moment lives on in infamy as one of the strangest that WWE has ever produced. Over 21 years ago, Mae Young became ‘pregnant” with Mark Henry’s baby and then she gave birth to a rubber hand. There are still a lot of questions regarding that angle.

Mark Henry is no longer with WWE, but he can look back at his career fondly. The World’s Strongest Man can also see all of the things he did in the company, even if he still doesn’t understand it.

While speaking to AEW Unrestricted podcast, Mark Henry revealed how Vince McMahon pitched that segment to him. Over two decades later, Mark Henry is still perplexed as to why it had to make it on television, but he still played his role perfectly.

“I still, to this day, don’t get it. I’ve asked Vince several times. ‘Why a hand?’ And he goes, It’s a hand!’ But you know what, if there is a second generation wrestler going to come out of the Henry family, it’ll probably be my son, Jacob, who is a super fan, really, really loves wrestling. He didn’t care if he was a Pro Bowl player, and he’s only gonna play about four or five years and then he’s gonna quit playing football and start wrestling.”


“And I’m like, ‘Wow, what if you end up being the best guy in the league?’ He’s like, ‘Well, I’m gonna have to make enough money early so I can go and establish my life so I can do what I want to do, which is wrestling.’ I’m like, ‘Wow, more power to you, man. When you get there, hopefully I’ll still be alive,’ but if I’m not here to enjoy it, I’m sure that the fans really enjoy him because he loves it.”

The Sexual Chocolate gimmick was very popular within the WWE fan base, and Henry went all out on many occasions. Henry was told that he would father a rubber hand on WWE television and he did just as his boss commanded, even if he didn’t quite understand why the segment was going down in the first place.

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