CM Punk is on his way to AEW, and that was made very clear this week on Dynamite. The company announced that they will hold a huge “The First Dance” event at the United Center on August 20th, and many are expecting to see the Second City Savior.

Ringside News exclusively reported that those in WWE are not upset about AEW signing CM Punk. We were told by someone pretty high up in the food chain that “let him be their headache.” That doesn’t apply to everyone involved.

Andrew Zarian addressed the rumors about Bryan Danielson and CM Punk upsetting those in WWE by signing with AEW. While confirming our previous report, he also explained that there is no anger in the front office, but the roster understands how big of a deal Punk and Bryan will be.

“There are many rumors that Vince is upset and management is angry, because how could they let these two go? I think Daniel Bryan is the disappointment for them, but CM Punk not so much. There is no buzz I’m hearing from the office side saying ‘we F’ed up by not signing him.’”


“There are a lot of people who think [Punk’s] stock is not what it normally would be. They think those UFC losses hurt him. A lot of people worked with him when he was very unhappy, so I think that is the memory that they have of him. I’m saying from management, I’m not the talent. I think talent knows what a big deal this is.”

It turns out that one of WWE’s networks, either Fox or USA Network, are a bit miffed about CM Punk and Bryan Danielson coming to AEW.

“A certain network is not happy with the CM Punk stuff. WWE … they are not very concerned about CM Punk. They know it is a big get for AEW, but they were not negotiating to bring him. On the other hand, I would say that Daniel Bryan is a big hit for them.”

Both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are on their way to AEW and that boost for their roster could change a lot about the future of the company. We are uncertain what kind of schedule they will work, but just having them around is sure to draw even more attention to the young pro wrestling company as they continue making noise.

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