AEW matches have a common theme in a lot of cases. It is nothing out of the ordinary to see a big run-in interrupt the match going on in the ring. That is something that many fans have commented on, because the company never declares a disqualification finish. This fact is not lost on Tony Khan.

While speaking to The Way of the Blade podcast, Khan admitted that he underutilizes disqualification and count-out finishes. He said that count-out finishes aren’t very popular, and as a promoter he can honestly count on one hand the number of times an AEW match has ended in such a fashion. TK also discussed how fans won’t “let him off the hook” about this either.

“Count-out finishes aren’t always popular. For me as a promoter, you can count on one hand the number of count-out and disqualification finishes that I’ve done. I really like doing conclusive finishes, but I definitely think a count-out is a much more conclusive finish than a disqualification. Sometimes, there’s a storyline reason for both, but ultimately, it often feels unsatisfying.”

“I will not let people off the hook for this could I feel like half the matches on the show are like a disqualification and it’s been that way my whole life [with] multiple promotions on television. Really, the competitive promotions on television. Such a large percentage of their matches ended in a disqualification. I found it very unsatisfying. Instead, you watch ECW or All-Japan, and there are a lot more finishes and maybe the happy medium is [something like] Smoky Mountain [Wrestling] was a very well booked promotion.”


He went on to say that “I have no problem with doing it. Sometimes, I probably underdo them [to the point] where you never see them.” We’ll have to see if AEW starts ending matches in a DQ or count-out. It could certainly open up a lot of possibilities. It might also cause confusion within the fan base, because AEW will likely to continue big run-ins during match climaxes without a DQ getting called.

What’s your take on AEW’s booking? Sound off in the comments!

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