AEW opened their tour schedule up once again and got back on the road. The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet and some cities are enacting new regulations that could throw a wrench in AEW’s plans.

Cassidy Haynes of reports that AEW is very worried internally about some of the current dates on their calendar. It is reported that AEW is “extremely concerned” about the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in America that could lead to new restrictions.

The company has some big plans for Chicago and there is a possibility that a surge in COVID cases could disrupt those events, including All Out. The company also has big events scheduled for New York and St. Louis and they are worried about them as well.

It is reported that AEW is now beginning conversations about what to do in case there is another shutdown, “including a prolonged return to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville once again.” This is also an “all hands on deck” kind of situation within the company. “Ultimately Tony [Khan] has to make a decision about what is right for the talent, staff, and [especially] the fans”.


The CDC is now recommending masks and the fear is that the restrictions will eventually move to limiting large gatherings once again.

I was told that right now their biggest concerns are the status of the upcoming shows in Chicago and New York City, as both cities have been proactive in regards to preventive measures as an attempt so stop the recent surge of new cases.

There is a lot going on outside of the pro wrestling world that could very well affect AEW’s plans once again. AEW is going to continue with their current plans for now, but they are paying close attention to everything going on in this situation.

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