Kayla Braxton worked in NXT prior to making her way to the main roster. She served as a ring announcer for the black and gold brand and conducted backstage interviews. She is now hosting shows for WWE and thriving as a part of SmackDown, but ring announcing wasn’t her cup of tea.

During the Not Sam Wrestling podcast, Kayla Braxton had to admit that the ring announcer job didn’t make her very comfortable. She has a certain skill set and calling wrestlers’ names as they made their way to the ring wasn’t in her comfort zone.

“I have to be honest with you, and I’m very open about this. Ring announcing is not something that I want to do. It’s a skill set, and I think I did fine with it, but it’s a very difficult job, and those that do it well every week are just incredible. They make it look easy, but it is not an easy job. Coming from a broadcast background, I’ve never used my voice like that. It definitely took some time to find my voice, but ring announcing probably is what helped me become a better host, like hosting The Bump. You learn how to go on the fly and interact with people. It definitely made me a lot quicker. I’m grateful for that phase of my WWE time, but I’m grateful that it is behind me now.”

Kayla Braxton was able to muscle through that gig and capitalize on other opportunities the company provided her. She will continue hosting WWE The Bump and doing her thing on social media, where she receives lot of attention as well. Ring announcing wasn’t her thing, but it led Braxton to much bigger things in WWE.


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