Pro wrestling can see friendships form and dissolve for many different reasons. Jim Ross didn’t have the best opinion of Eric Bischoff for years, but now he can admit that his own ego was partially to blame for that rift.

During Grilling JR, Good ‘ole JR discussed his relationship with Eric Bischoff and how it was “icy” in the past. He took responsibility for that friendship ending and admitted that it was Bischoff’s decision to pull him from television that started it all. Ross said that his ego caused those feelings for years, but now the two are friends.

“So yeah, we chatted but, you know, we had a, I guess you would say, kind of an icy relationship, which I will take responsibility for, you know. If Bruce (Prichard) was here, he would laugh about, ‘Well, you’re still pissed about your refrigerator and your washer and dryer being held, hostage. But, there were some old open wounds, to be man-to-man and answer your question and to be honest about it.”

“I do remember the phone call, and I think that kind of lead to him and I getting back on the same page. My ego got in my way of being taken off the air in WCW when I didn’t think it was necessary. I took it personally. I have grown to kind of outgrow that, Conrad, in later years. Eric and I are friends now,”


Jim Ross is now on AEW television every week on the announce desk. Some fans have called out for Ross to step down, especially after that “WWE Dynamite” botch,” but he’s not quitting. There are many matches in Jim Ross’ future, but this story could also serve as an example of how personal Jim Ross takes something like getting pulled off television.

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Felix Upton

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