Pro wrestling has a lot of people who are considered great talkers and The Miz is right up there with the best. Many also consider MJF as one of the better talkers in the game today, but the Salt of the Earth doesn’t like to hear anything about The Miz having more popularity than him.

Ringside News’ official Twitter account recently asked fans who was the better talker out of MJF and The Miz. The leader of The Pinnacle didn’t like that question at all. He tweeted back in typical fashion a few minutes after we posed this question. MJF also had a suggestion for our Twitter account that we took as complementary coming from him.

Dumb. Legit dumb. F*cking delete your dog sh*t clickbait account.

MJF left that tweet up until Ringside News responded with: “Miz is kicking your ass. Deal with it.” The Salt of the Earth promptly deleted that tweet. Then we posted a “How it started … How it ended” tweet to remember the moment. At the time, a majority of fans had already replied to throw their vote toward The Miz, and you can check out a sampling of those reactions below.


On another note, the definition of “clickbait” is: “content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.” That term applies to anything ever written in the history of the internet, because every page is shared with the intention of getting clicks. Also, many believe that Baron Corbin is a better heel than MJF too. Don’t tell him that, though.

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