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Tonight’s NXT will feature all of the fallout from the Great American Bash last Tuesday, but will be no less huge. In fact, tonight will see the NXT Championship on the line as Karrion Kross defends against Johnny Gargano, with Samoa Joe acting as specil guest referee. Is Kross’ reign about to end, or will Gargano become NXT Champion again? Or will Samoa Joe play a role? Let us know your predictions!

Also tonight, the NXT Breakout Tournament kicks off with Ikemen Jiro facing Duke Hudson in round one action, and Sarray faces Gigi Dolan. Sarray was supposed to face Toni Storm but it seems her sudden call-up to SmackDown may have scuppered those plans. We should also see our first glimpse of Cameron Grimes as a butler tonight. So there’s plenty to be excited about!

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show.



The show opens with a higlight package of the Great American Bash show last week. We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out comes the newly independent, Ember Moon.

Ember Moon Vs. Dakota Kai W/Raquel Gonzalez

The match gets underway and they have a feeling-out process. Kai hits a shoulder tackle and mocks Moon, but then gets caught with an arm-drag into a submission. Kai fights up and slams Moon down for a one-count. Moon is sent into the buckles chest-first, then Kai hits a face wash for a two-count.

Kai kicks Moon in the face and applies a straightjacket submission. Moon bothces something and ends-up sending Kai out of the ring, then hits a gnarly suicide dive. Moon kicks Kai from the apron before hitting a running dropkick. Moon in control as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Kai is in control having whipped Moon into the ring post during the break. Kai backs Moon into the corner and connects with a big boot for a two-count. Kai stomps Moon and goes to the top rope but Ember cuts her off with a dropkick. Moon climbs up and hits a Frankensteiner to Kai for a near-fall. Raquel tries to rally Kai from ringside. Ember goes to the apron but Kai catches her with a kick, then drags her over the top rope and hits the GTK for the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai

After the match the lights go out and Xia Li appears. She stomps her way down to the ring and walks past Dakota to stare at Raquel, who holds the belt up to her.

The Diamond Mine were backstage earlier today and Malcolm Bivens says they represent the best talent, coaches, and potential. And they’re all about competition. So they’ll be issuing an open challenge. Bobby Fish walks up and Roderick Strong stares at him. Bivens gets between them and says Fish can face Tyler Rust tonight. Strong says that, when Rust is done with him, it’s over. Fish says it won’t be.

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LA Knight is sitting by his pool with the Million Dollar Championship and Cameron Grimes rings the doorbell. Knight says he’s a little late but Grimes says he might be but he’s a man of his word. Grimes says he wants to get it over with because he has things to do. Knight takes Grimes out back and makes him get his hair and beard tidied up, then wearing a waiter’s suit. Grimes loves it, he thinks he looks great and Knight is annoyed.

Bobby Fish Vs. Tyler Rust W/Diamond Mine

The match gets underway and they lock-up and Fish knees Rust. Tyler grabs him for a back suplex, then hits a dragon screw. Rust hits a wristlock takedown and stomps the wrist. Rust lands some kicks and takes him down with a head triangle. Fish fights up and kicks the leg of Rust, then drops him with some chest kicks. Rust gets hit with a back body drop and Fish follows-up with an exploder suplex into the ropes.

Roderick Strong gets on the apron and stares at Fish, who turns and knocks Rust out of the ring with a shoulder tackle. Fish stares at Strong, who starts to unzip his jacket but Rust returns with a chop block, then kicks the head of Fish and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Tyler Rust

After the match the Diamond Mine get in the ring and surround Fish but Kushida comes running down and the Mine leave.

Samoa Joe is wearing his referee’s shirt and he approaches Karrion Kross backstage, who is punching a body bag. Joe tells Kross the rules and asks if he understands but Kross ignores him, so Joe kicks the bag away and gets in his face. Kross says Joe better not screw him tonight and Joe says he’ll take that as a yes.

*Commercial Break*

We see The Way arriving at the CWC earlier today and Beth Phoenix stopped Indi Hartwell to ask about Dexter Lumis. Indi says he was a total gentleman, he just set her down. The timing wasn’t right. Beth tells her that sometimes you just have to take a chance.

Gigi Dolan Vs. Sarray

The match gets underway and they shake hands. Sarray wrenches the arm but Dolan does it right back and Sarray spins out and grabs a headlock. Dolan takes a headscissors on the mat and Sarray flips out and they separate. Suddenly, Mandy Rose appears on the stage! Both women are surprised but Dolan takes Sarray down with a snapmare and a kick. Sarray rolls her up for two, then transitions to a modified STF but just lets go a few seconds later.

Sarray looks for a suplex but Dolan rolls her up for two. Dolan hits another roll-up for two, then catches her with a running STO but Sarray arches out of the pin. Gigi hits a forearm and runs to the ropes but Sarray connects with a dropkick. Gigi hangs on the bottom rope and Sarray lands another stiff dropkick, then a Saito suplex for the win.

Winner: Sarray

Legado Del Fantasma are backstage and Santos is giving his boys a pep talk. He says Swerve is a winner but he’s unlucky because he took the North American Championship. Wilde says Hit Row’s song last week was offensive to his ears and Mendoza says they have no respect. Escobar rips his shirt off and sas he’s always on the right side of history. He’ll be in action, next.

*Commercial Break*

Dexter Lumis Vs. Santos Escobar W/Legado Del Fantasma

Lumis doesn’t ove so Escobar teases him before kicking him and knocking him down. Lumis kips-up and grabs a punch from Escobar, then hits the ropes and lands a nice Thesz press with punches and Escobar crawls from the ring. Escobar regroups with Wilde and Mendoza but suddenly Lumis is gone. Escobar moves to get back in the ring but Lumis grabs him from under the apron and tries to drag him under but Wilde and Mendoza make the save.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Santos is kicking Lumis in the chest. Escobar backs him into the corner and chops him, then whips him to the opposite corner and hits running knees. Santos puts Dexter on the top rope and hits a super Frankensteiner for a near-fall. Santos knees Lumis and hits a running dropkick to the ribs. Escobar taunts Lumis and backs him into the corner again for some running lariats. Lumis eats two suplexes but stops the third, only to get caught with a backstabber.

Lumis cuts Santos off with a clothesline, then lands some right hands. Dexter hits a clothesline in the corner and a running bulldog. Lumis looks for the Silence but Wilde jumps on the apron and Mendoza drags Escobar from the ring. Lumis goes out to get him but Wilde pulls Lumis into the ring post shoulder-first. Escobar quickly gets Lumis back in the ring and hits the Phantom Driver for the win.

Winner: Santos Escobar

After the match Legado Del Fantasma are making their way up the ramp when Hit Row appear. The two teams come face-to-face and talk trash until Fantasma leave.

Earlier today, Wade Barrett sat down with Kyle O’Reilly for an interview. He asked him about losing to Adam Cole. O’Reilly says losing is part of life. He watched it back and he can’t see the killer instinct. He wonders if he needs it. He needs to tap into his old self to beat Adam Cole. They’re going to fight again at some point, Cole can’t get away with it. He’s the guy whose going to finish Adam Cole.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with LA Knight and Cameron Grimes. Knight tells him to call him Mr. Knight and always walk behind him. Knight asks him to mow the lawn and Grimes is happy to but Knight won’t let him have a tractor and hands him an old hand lawnmower. Grimes says no problem and starts cutting, much to Knight’s chagrin.

During the break, Dexter Lumis was laying on the apron and out came Indi Hartwell. She tried to lift him off the apron and carry him to the back, the way he did to her, but she fell over. They were about to kiss on the ground when Candace LeRae came running down and broke up the lovefest.

NXT Breakout Tournament

1st Round

Duke Hudson Vs. Ikemen Jiro

The match begins and Jiro – wearing a jacket – tries to lock-up but Hudson throws him off. Ikemen starts daning and teasing, then cartwheels past Duke before grabbing a headlock. Jiro gets sent to the corner but he flips up and taunts Hudson while upside down. Hudson catches him and drops him on the top rope and connects with a clothesline.

Hudson rips the jacket onto his head and backs him into the corner for some punches. Jiro is sent to the ropes and attempts a sunset flip but Hudson doesn’t fall and grabs him. Jiro avoids Hudson and gets him in an octopus stretch over the ropes. Jiro looks to springboard inside but Duke catches him and hits an overhead belly-to-belly.

Duke lands some uppercuts for a one-count. Hudson lifts Jiro up and wants a Jackknife powerbomb but Jiro counters with a hurrricanrana into the buckles. Jiro knocks Hudson from the ring and wipes him out with a springboard moonsault on the floor. Jiro puts him back into the ring and hits a springboard headscissors. Ikemen hits the ropes but gets caught with a spinning slam and Hudson gets the pinfall.

Winner: Duke Hudson

Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan are interviewed backstage and asked about who they want to win the main event. Dunne says he doesn’t care. He says to go find Gargano and ask who the baddest man in NXT is. Find Kross and ask him what happened when he got the triangle choke in at In Your House, he knew it was over. Ask them both and they’ll tell you he’s the best technician in NXT. Timothy Thatcher appears and asks which is it? Dunne says “who’s asking?” and Tommaso Ciampa attacks Dunne and Lorcan. The two teams get pulled apart.

*Commercial Break*

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter Vs. Aliyah & Jessi Kamea W/Robert Stone

Kacy and Jessi start and Kamea boots her across the ring into the corner. Jessi tags Aliyah and whips Kacy into her boot. Aliyah hits a clothesline to Kacy in the corner, then a snap suplex for a one-count. Jessi tags back in and drags Kacy’s face across the middle rope, then hits an axe kick to the back. Aliyah and Jessi make use of quick tags to isolate Kacy in their corner until she finally makes the tag to Kayden.

Carter comes in hot with a bulldog and a clothesline to Aliyah. Kacy rushes in after a cheap shot and the referee makes her leave. Carter rolls-up Aliyah but Jessi breaks it up. Carter throws her out of the ring, then slams Aliyah and tags Kacy for a 450 splash and scores the pinfall.

Winners: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

After the match, Robert Stone comes into the ring and lifts Aliyah up but she shoves him away. She screams at him that he’s a loser and she’s done more for him than anyone. Aliyah slaps him and he stumbles into the corner. She rushes him and beats him down, then kicks him in the ribs as the fans chant her name. Aliyah blows Jessi a kiss as she walks out. Franky Monet walks down the ramp and lures Jessi Kamea away with her.

Johnny Gargano is approached by Samoa Joe in his ref shirt. Joe tells them the rules and Gargano says that’s easy and he’ll be the only man out there. Austin asks if Joe wants to hang out but he just walks off. Joe and Pete Dunne stop and stare at each other, then Dunne shrugs and walks off.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back at LA Knight’s crib and he’s furious when he sees Grimes sitting by the pool wearing nothing but his undies, gloves and boots. Knight asks why he’s not cutting the grass and Grimes has hired a Mexican child to do it for him. Grimes says he might be a butler but he’s also a millionaire and he hired the kid. Knight tells the kid to leave and says he on’t be paying him a dime, so the kid kicks him in the shin and runs off. Knight is hobbling arounda nd Grimes “accidentally” hits him with his rake and knocks him into the pool.

Adam Cole comes to the ring he says it feels really good to be able to say he told you so. He proved once again that he is the greatest Superstar in the history of NXT. He proved that O’Reilly’s win was a fluke and it doesn’t even count because it was unsanctioned. He listened to O’Reilly’s interview earlier and how he said “losing is just a part of life”, well yeah it is if your name is Kyle O’Reilly. He wants to go again and he’ll be happy to beat him again, but he’s tired of talking about O’Reilly.

Cole wants to talk abouts Samoa Joe. The man who stood by and watched O’Reilly try to break his leg. Cole calls Joe an overpaid security guard in a suit and says he doesn’t have the guts to come out and talk to him. Nobody does. Well, Bronson Reed comes out. Reed says Cole is a master manipulator. And he no longer has the North American Championship, so he has nothing to lose.

Reed says all eyes on him right now and people want to know what his next move is. Everyone considers Cole the golden boy, well he sees him as the golden opportunity. Cole tries to superkick Reed but the big man catches the boot and shoves him back, then hits a body attack and Cole bails. Samoa joe comes out as Cole is on the ground, holding his back. Joe stops by Cole and stares at him before getting into the ring for the main event.

*Commercial Break*

Franky Monet, Jessi Kamea and Robert Stone are walking backstage and Monet says they won’t be worrying about Aliyah anymore. Mandy Rose appraoches them and says it appears the brand is under new management.

Next week Xia Li will challenge Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women’s Championship. Also, Bobby Fish and Kushida will face Roderick Strong and Tyler Rust.

NXT Championship

(C) Karrion Kross W/Scarlett Vs. Johnny Gargano

The match begins and Gargano takes it to Kross and backs him into the coner with punches. Kross quickly lifts Johnny and runs him into the corner, then hits a Saito suplex. Kross stomps Johnny before putting him in the corner for a big forearm. Kross hits a snap suplex and looks to lift him but Johnny slides away and knocks him out of the ring.

Gargano goes to the apron and kicks Kross back, then hits a cannonball off the apron. Gargano walks around ringside grinning but Kross comes after him and boots him down. Kross pepers Johnny with shots around the ring and looks to tackle him but Gargano sidesteps and he goes into the steel steps. Kross lifts Gargano up with two hands and launches him back-first into the edge of the announce desk in a horrrible bump.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Gargano kicks Kross away, then avoids a tackle and Kross hits the ring post. Gargano rallies and lands some big forearms, then hits a an enziguiri and a slingshot spear for a two-count. Kross rolls outside and Gargano hits a suicide dive that crashes them into the barricade. They get back inside and Kross htis a Northern Lights suplex and rolls right through into a stalling vertical suplex for a near-fall.

Kross taunts the fans before taking Gargano to the top rope. Kross wanst a Doomsday Saito suplex but Gargano counters in mid-air with a crossbody. Gargano lands some superkicks to kross but a third gets cut-off with a big lariat. Kross lifts Gargano and runs him into the turnbuckle, then wants a powerslam but Johnny counters with a tornado DDT for a near-fall. Kross counters Johnny with a chokeslam, then wants the running forearm to the back of the head but Johnny superkicks him.

Kross catches Gargano with the straightjacket but Johnny reverses into the Gargano Escape! Kross stands up with Gargano in his arm and spins him around into the straightjacket. Gargano fades but collapses onto the bottom rope. Kross won’t let go so Samoa Joe pulls him off an shoves him. Kross comes face-to-face with Joe, then walks past him and goes outside to slam Johnny into the barricade over-and-over.

Kross lifts the steel steps and wants to hit Gargano but Joe comes out and takes them away. Kross seethes and Joe tells him all he has to do is jump. Gargano comes flying through the ropes with suicide dive DDT. Gargano puts Kross inside and hits the float-over DDT for a near-fall. Gargano runs for a superkick but Kross avoids it and hits a forearm to the back of the head. Kross lifts Gargano and powerbombs him three times before the Doomsday Saito suplex for the win.

Winners: Karrion Kross

After the match Joe raises Kross’ arm and he pulls it away. They stare at aeach other and talk trash. Joe backs up but then moves forward again and Scarlett comes between them. Joe turns to leave but Kross grabs him from behind with the straightjacket! Kross chokse Joe out and poses above him to end the show.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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