WWE has a strict non-compete clause setup in their contracts. Aleister Black was recently able to make a jump to AEW become Malakai Black within 35 days of his release thanks to a clerical error, but most aren’t that fortunate. The idea of non-compete clauses is a controversial one that remains a constant within many industries.

President Joe Biden recently took a moment to speak on the idea of non-compete clauses. He referenced a speech he gave in 2018 which really hammered home how ridiculous he finds them.

Back in 2018, at the Brookings Institution, where I talked about the non-compete clauses that I found to be absolutely ridiculous, but how prevalent they were throughout industries.

It was then said that “1 in 3 businesses” require their employees to sign non-compete agreements. That ranges from the top all the way to lower level employees. A recent study also showed that 1 in 5 American workers are also in non-compete agreements. He does not agree with this tactic and it sounds like Biden would not sign-off on WWE’s current non-compete clause structure either.


Biden went on to paint a picture of a hypothetical person who was subject to an unfair non-compete clause before saying, “Imagine if you’re in her shoes, you’d feel powerless, disrespected, bullied, trapped. That’s not right. Workers should be free to take another job if someone offers it. If your employer wants to keep you, he or she should make it worthwhile for you to stay.”

President Joe Biden did not mention WWE specifically, because non-compete clauses stretch throughout many forms of industry, including the sports entertainment industry. It is interesting to note what the current climate is as WWE continues with business as usual.

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Felix Upton

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