WWE has fired plenty of Superstars in the past few months and they also gutted several internal divisions within the company. All of those firings have left some talented people out of work. When Mojo Rawley got that news, it was somewhat of a relief for him.

Mojo Rawley was featured on WWE television as Rob Gronkowski was brought in, because they are legit best friends. Then Gronk took off and Mojo vanished. There was also a time when Mojo admitted that he painted his face “like an idiot for nothing,” but that gimmick didn’t work either.

While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Mojo Rawley explained that he was happy about his WWE release. He spent nearly a decade under WWE’s umbrella and that was admittedly “a hell of a run,” but it was time for a change.

“Truth be told there’s some other stuff going on there. All I can say is I’m grateful to have been with the company as long as I was. I mean putting in almost a decade, that’s a hell of a run. Truthfully I am happy it happened. It was time for a change. Sometimes you never want to be the one to necessarily initiate that, but you needed it to happen. It was a thought that was going through my head for a while. Let’s give this another year or two, if this amounts to nothing, or very little, then yeah it is time for a change. I am going to turn 35 shortly. If I am thinking about starting another industry, the more you wait, the less is on the table. I got pigeonholed a lot as being this big hyped up guy that very much did a lot outside of the ring.”


“I was one of the few guys they used for the community service drives. There aren’t a lot of guys in the company that can do those. I know that Titus O’Neil is the poster boy for that stuff. Honestly in my opinion I think Titus is one of the top 3 most valuable people in all of WWE. I know that might come of a shock to some people, but we got tons of guys that can wrestle. Almost everyone on the roster can put on a hell of match. But how many guys can go out there and make change and bring in a new fanbase from all of the promos that he does. There is no one that does more in that space than Titus. I felt like I was used for both, but again, sometimes those guys don’t get the big Roman Reigns career. But sometimes change needs to happen, whether it comes from you or them.”

Mojo Rawley landed role in the new Snake Eyes GI Joe film, and that might not be his final acting gig. The doors could open for him at this point as he has even more time to dedicate toward the next chapter in his career. It seems that Mojo Rawley is doing fine and is still just as hyped as ever, even if WWE handed him his walking papers.

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Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for the quote

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