It’s Tuesday July 6th and NXT is celebrating a belated Independence Day with the Great American Bash, and Ringside News has you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for NXT is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

The second annual Great American Bash edition of NXT will see several massive matches. The (presumed) main event will see Adam Cole face Kyle O’Reilly once more in what should be a hard-hitting affair. Karrion Kross will go face-to-face with Johnny Gargano but he’ll have to keep his eyes peeled for Austin Theory as well. The Million Dollar Championship will be on the line as LA Knight defends against Cameron Grimes, and if Knight wins Grimes must become his butler for a week!

Other title matches tonight include MSK defending the Tag Team Titles against Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher, and the Women’s Tag Team Titles on the line between The Way and Io Shirai and Zoey Stark. The North American Championship won’t be defended tonight but Hit Row will host a celebration for Swerve’s big win over Bronson Reed. It’s sure to be a big night for the red, white and blue brand, so let us know what you’re excited to see!


That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show.


The Great American Bash opens with a video package hyping the show, with a focus on the main event between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly.

We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out come the NXT Tag Team Champion’s, MSK.

NXT Tag Team Championships

(C) MSK Vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

Ciampa starts against Nash Carter and they lock-up and struggle for control. Carter counters Ciampa and blows him a kiss, so Thatcher tags in and forces him to the ropes. Lee tags in and they kick Thatcher but he fires back against both and Ciampa runs in so they can hit repeated forearms together. Ciampa hits Lee with a running knee in the corner but Lee fires back with some stiff offence and tags Carter.

Nash lands a flurry of strikes and a bulldog to Ciampa before kicking him out of the ring. Carter wants a moonsault to Ciampa but Thatcher shoves his partner out of the way and takes the moonsault. Ciampa follows-up with a clothesline to Nash and sits on the apron and applauds himself.

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Lee tags in and lands a couple of forearms to Ciampa, then a snapmare and a dropkick to the back. Thatcher pulls the rope down and Lee falls outside, then tosses him back in and Ciampa knees him for a two-count. Thatcher tags in but Lee kicks him a few times and tags Carter for some double-team offence. MSK hit the standing moonsault shove for a one-count. Ciampa tags back in and slaps Carter, then knees him and shoves his face.

Carter fires back and gets the tag to Lee and they trade back and forth. Ciampa counters Lee and hits a powerbomb backbreaker for a near-fall. Ciampa wants the Fairytale Ending but gets pinned for two. Thatcher tags in and Lee kicks him away and tags Carter. Thatcher grabs him in a submission but Carter hits a leaping knee and in comes CIampa for running clotheslines to both. Ciampa puts Carter up top but Nash slides down under him, pulls his head down and superkicks it.

MSK work together for running kicks in the corner, then a swanton and a phoenix splash for a near-fall. Thatcher drags Carter out of the ring and helps Ciampa hit Lee with the Fairytale Ending. Thatcher applies an ankle lock to Lee but Carter tackles Ciampa into them to cause the break. Wes Lee snatches ThAtcher with a roll-up out of nowhere for the win!

Winners: MSK

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Samoa Joe and William Regal are in the ring together. Regal says we’ve all seen how much Johnny Gargano has antagonised Karrion Kross recently, and it’s clear things aren’t going to get any better, so he demands they both come to the ring. Gargano and Kross make their entrances and Regal says things need to be settled. Gargano says Kross sucks and he’s living rent free in his big, empty head. Gargano says Kross tried to hit him with a car last week because he knows he will expose him in the ring. Regal books them in a match for the NXT Championship next week.

Kross says he isn’t scared and Gargano almost got himself run over last week. Size isn’t the only thing he has over Johnny, he also has convictions. When he wakes up in the morning he thinks of three things: never lose the NXT Championship, main event WrestleMania, and win the WWE Championship. Kross says all Johnny does in the morning is put his wife’s jeans on. This isn’t a movie or a comic book, this is real life, and in real life guys like Gargano get their asses kicked by people like him. Regal announces that Samoa Joe will be special guest referee next week. Gargano cheers and says Kross mentioned his wife’s pants but Kross couldn’t lace his wife’s boots. Kross moves to hit Johnny but Joe steps in his path.

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Kushida cuts a promo in half English, half Japanese. He says the Diamond Mine is open but the Cruiserweight Championship shines brighter than any diamond. He is ready for them.

Million Dollar Championship

(C) LA Knight Vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes rushes Knight right off the bat and knocks him from the ring with a clothesline. Grimes hits a running kick from the apron, then gets Knight back inside for a flying crossbody off the top and a two-count. Grimes applies a submission but Knight fights to his feet and gets sent to the apron. Knight looks for the diving shoulder block into the ring but gets caught with a big forearm in the air. Knight hits a standing moonsault for a two-count and goes back to a sleeper. Knight escapes and drops Grimes for a two-count.

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Grimes hits a jawbreaker, followed by a spinning crossbody. Both men trade shots back-and-forth and Knight pulls Cameron’s hair, so Grimes unloads with punches. Grimes hits a forearm and a spinning sidewalk slam for a two-count. Grimes wants a German suplex but Knight elbows him and tosses him over the ropes. Grimes pulls himself back into the ring but Knight grabs him for a reverse Attiude Adjustment and a near-fall.

Grimes reverses Knight for a backslide and a two-count. Knight tosses Grimes to the apron but gets punched back. Grimes scales the ropes but Knight leaps onto the top rope and hits a superplex for a two-count. Knight leaves the ring and grabs the Million Dollar Championship and brings it into the ring. The referee stops him and Grimes rolls him up but Knight reverses it with the tights held for a near-fall.

Knight tries to grab the belt but it falls from the ring and Grimes hits him with a Poisonrana for a near-fall. Grimes wants the double stomp but Knight rolls outside. Grimes goes to the apron and swings a kick but Knight catches it and slams him down. Knight hits a DDT onto the Million Dollar belt, then kicks it under the ring and gets inside. Grimes makes it back into the ring at 9.9 of the ref’s count. Knight waits for him to get up and hits BMT for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

Well this means that Cameron Grimes will now be LA Knight’s butler for a week!

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are interviewed backstage and say they’re going to put Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart on the shelf again.

*Commerial Break*

We see the competitors for the upcoming Breakout Tournament, include Josh Briggs, Chase Arnold, Ikemen Jiro, Carmelo Hayes, Odyssey Jones, and more. The tournament begins next week with Ikemen Jiro Vs. Duke Hudson.


NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles

(C) The Way Vs. Io shirai & Zoey stark

The match gets underway with Io and Indi and they trade holds and counters. Io lands some dropkicks and stomps her down. Indi forces Io to the corner and tags Candace. They attempt a double-team but Io takes them both down with a missile dropkick from up top. Stark tags in and they double-team suplex The Way. Stark kicks Hartwell and lands a backslide for a near-fall. Hartwell catches Stark with hits a reverse elbow, then drops her gut first on the ropes and she falls to the floor.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Stark is getting worked over by Hartwell. Zoey makes a comeback. Shirai and LeRae tag in and Io beats her into the corner, then tags Zoey for a double-team and a two-count. Shirai tags in and goes for the moonsault but nobody’s home. Candace goes to the Gargano Escape and Hartwell runs in and gets Stark in Dexter Lumis’s The Silence. Io rolls-up Candace, forcing Indi to release Zoey and break the pin.

Io climbs the ropes again but Candace hits her with a German suplex from the middle rope. Indi tags herself in and drops Stark with a boot, then back suplexes Shirai for a two-count. Candace tags in and gets rolled-up for a two, then she kicks Shirai and tags Indi. Suddenly the lights go out and the phone charging logo appears on the screen. The logo hits 100%, the lights come up, and we see Tegan Nox on the stage! LeRae looks like she’s seen a ghost and gets knocked from the ring. Zoey tags in and hits Indi with the belly-to-back GTS (K316?) for the win!

Winners and New NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion’s: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark

Candace LeRae tries to escape after the match but Nox runs down the ramp and drags her back over the barricade. Tegan beats her into the ring, then chases her back out and over the barricade. Io and Stark celebrate with their new titles.

*Commercial Break*

Toni Storm is interviewed backstage and complains that Raquel Gonzalez isn’t giving her a Championship shot. She says it was very cute how Sarray picked her last week for a match, but she’s not just a random name from a hat. She’s had more matches in Japan than Sarray has had hot dinners and the answer is no.

During the break, Dexter Lumis came out and lifted Indi Hartwell to take her to the back.

Hit Row are on the stage and Ashante “Thee” Adonis has a DJ platform set up. Top Dolla, B-Fab, and Swerve rap in turns, then do their theme song live.

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William Regal and Samoa Joe are interviewed backstage and Regal talks about how great tonight’s show was. He says he can’t wait for next week’s big NXT Championship match. Joe says he doesn’t plan on changing the trajectory of that match, may the best man win.

Adam Cole Vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Our main event gets underway and they lock-up with Kyle forcing him to the ropes. O’Reilly takes Cole down and tries to tie him up but gets pinned for a two-count. They trade holds and counter each other a little more before we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

O’Reilly is attempting to lock-in an armbar when we return. He can’t get it so he switches to an ankle lock. Cole grabs the ropes so O’Reilly drops a knee on his arm. O’Reilly takes Cole down with a wristlock and drops another knee in the arm. Cole fights up but O’Reilly connects with a kick to the ches and Cole rolls from the ring. Cole attempts a knee as O’Reilly comes through the ropes but Kyle avoids it and knocks him back.

O’Reilly misses a running knee off the apron and Cole follows-up with a running neckbreaker. Cole gets O’Reilly back in the ring and kicks him in the face. Cole puts O’Reilly in the corner and whips him hard into the opposite buckles chest-first. Adam applies a triangle choke with his legs. O’Reilly fights up and sends Cole to the ropes before hitting a kitchen sink. O’Reilly fires off a slew of kicks and a sweep to knock Cole down, then hits a running forearm in the corner.

O’Reilly snaps the arm over his shoulder, then hits some double-arm takedowns for a two-count. Kyle hits a kneebreaker and Cole attempts an enziguiri but O’Reilly ducks it. Cole counters O’Reilly and hits a backstabber for a near-fall. Cole sits on his knees and talks trash to O’Reilly, so Kyle rushes him into the corner and unloads with right hands. O’Reilly gets up on the middle rope to punch but Cole slips between his legs and kicks the back of the knee. Cole goes outside and snaps O’Reilly’s leg into the ring post over and over.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and O’Reilly is landing right hands, then both men hit stereo clotheslines and go down. O’Reilly is still favouring his left leg. They sit on their knees and trade punches and O’Reilly rolls to the apron. Cole gives chase but gets his leg snapped on the midle rope. Cole attempts a brainbuster but O’Reilly escapes and kicks the arm, then Cole kicks his knee. Cole hits a chop block and a big running knee for a near-fall.

Cole wants Panama Sunrise but Kyle avoids it. O’Reilly hits a kick and a trapped tiger suplex for a near-fall. O’Reilly kicks the face of Cole a few times, then takes him down for some ground-and-pound. O’Reilly wants an armbar but Cole rolls over and looks for a Figure Four but gets rolled-up for two. O’Reilly does an O’Conner roll into a kneebar but Cole reverses into a Figure Four. O’Reilly eventually turns it around to a heel hook but Cole grabs the ropes.

Cole hits an enziguiri but bends into a knee, then O’Reilly hit a kick and a big forearm. Cole hits another enziguiri but O’Reilly hits a running kick and falls out of the ring with his own momentum. O’Reilly starts to get to his feet but Cole comes off the apron with a Panama Sunrise! Cole gets O’Reilly back inside for a pin but Kyle gets his foot on the rope! Cole wants The Last Shot but O’Reilly grabs him. Cole hits a superkick and O’Reilly ricochets off the ropes with a lariat.

O’Reilly htis a brainbuster, then goes up top for the flying knee but nobody’s home and he hurts the leg. Cole hits The Last Shot… but O’Reilly kicks out! Cole can’t believe it and neither can the crowd. Cole goes to the middle rope for Panama Sunrise again but O’Reilly rips him down by the arm. Cole kicks the knee of O’Reilly again and looks for Panama Sunrise again but gets kicked in mid-air, but the kick hurt O’Reilly more. Cole hits Panama Sunrise again and a second Last Shot for the win!

Winner: Adam Cole

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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