WWE produces hours of television every week with a pro wrestling theme. That doesn’t mean everything behind the scenes is 100% pro wrestling related, because some members of the writing team have zero background in pro wrestling. It was recently brought to a very public light that watching WWE isn’t even a qualification for getting the job.

WWE writer Kenice Mobley recently revealed during an interview with the Asian Not Asian podcast that she was hired on with the WWE writing team after having zero background in pro wrestling.

“Yes, I have just been hired by WWE. Given the things that you know about me and my entire life and what I’m into, yes [that’s surprising]. Yes, also a surprise for me. They did not require me to know anything about wrestling but I do have a background in film production and comedy writing and they’re like, ‘Perfect. Come on in.’

There was reportedly heat on Mobley for putting such a spotlight on this fact, but she was put in a very difficult situation. The fact is that WWE is trying to hire more writers with Mobley’s credentials.


Ringside News has asked about this and a tenured member of the writing team told us that, “There has actually been a push to hire more comedy writers.”

WWE isn’t looking for just pro wrestling writers. They are looking for people with experience writing entertainment television. They are attempting a move into a new space with many elements. That could call for minds that have no idea who those Superstars are until they get hired on.

What’s your take on WWE hiring writers who don’t watch pro wrestling? Sound off in the comments!

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