Alexa Bliss closed out last week’s show with a paranormal themed segment that played out like a suspense film. Shayna Baszler stomped on Bliss’ doll Lilly and then Lilly stalked the Queen of Spades around the backstage area. It seems that Lilly is going away for a while.

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Alexa Bliss opened up this week’s Raw by running through a recap of last week’s closing segment. That rundown included addressing her dolly, Lilly, who was missing from the segments. Bliss said that since WWE is going back on the road she is letting Lilly rest. It seemed like that line wrote Lilly out of the storyline.

Lilly an Alexa Bliss caused some trouble for a few weeks. This union apparently didn’t last a long time. Bliss did hint that Lilly could be back, so the door is still open for that doll’s return later on. Nia Jax then showed up and they arranged a match for later in the show.


It appears that WWE might have written Lilly out of the picture with whatever happened last week. If you need a refresher of that segment from last week you can check that out below.

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