Chelsea Green has a lot of goals after WWE. She wants to continue wrestling and fans might see her appear for another company as soon as her 90-day non-compete clause is up. She also wants to model for Playboy and she’s already had a tryout.

During her Green With Envy podcast, Chelsea Green opened up about trying out for Playboy. She doesn’t remember going full nude, but she did take her top off. One things Green is quite confident about is that she looked like the “cat’s meow” when going in for that audition.

“I get changed into my outfit, I put my lip gloss on, I’ve got my eyeshadow, my skinny little eyebrows going on, and I have my heels on,” Green recalled. “I decided to go for a little hot, hot pink bra and undies set, and I thought I looked like the f*cking cat’s meow. I was like, ‘There’s no way they won’t choose me.’”

“You go in, there’s a couple of people sitting behind a desk with screens – they’re obviously looking at the shots as they come up… You go in and it’s a photoshoot, plain white backdrop. You basically tell them a little bit about yourselves, tell them what you like to do and why you love Playboy, and why you wanna do it and you pose.”


“It was kind of a very normal casting call. I will say, I don’t believe I got fully naked – I did take my top off, obviously, but I don’t remember taking my underwear off. At the time, I was like 20 years old, whatever – I loved my boobs! I had zero issues with my body and I’ve played sports my whole life, so I was in shape and stuff even though I was eating Cheetos for lunch in college.”

We’ll have to see if Chelsea Green graces the pages of Playboy. She is certainly far enough along that the former WWE Superstar has made contacts with the gentleman’s magazine. Odds are she would sell a lot of issues, especially since Chelsea Green is allowed to use her brand as she sees fit.

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Felix Upton

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