WWE announced this week that Poppy will be on NXT next week. We’re not sure what she will do, but odds are Poppy and her band will perform a song. Candice LeRae is less than thrilled by the idea.

During WWE The Bump, Candice LeRae spoke about Poppy for a moment. She was asked about the metal singer coming to NXT this week and she had a lot to say about it. At the end of the day, Candice LeRae doesn’t consider what Poppy does as actually music.

“Every time Poppy is there her choice in friends is really questionable I would think and I just wouldn’t call that music. I don’t understand — we could be talking about us. We could be talking about how great The Way is doing, but we’re talking about Poppy and she’s overrated and decent, at best, guys. I’m not a fan, not a fan.”

Candice LeRae is not alone in thinking that Poppy is terrible. Plenty of fans jump on social media every time she’s on the show to complain about the fact that Poppy is taking up more time on the black and gold brand’s programming. She does have fans though, and obviously Triple H is a big supporter of Poppy, but don’t expect Candice LeRae to be the first in line to snag Poppy tickets.


Do you agree that Poppy isn’t music? Sound off in the comments!

Transcription by Ringside News

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