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This week’s NXT is to be headlined by a huge Triple Threat to determine the new number one contender to Karrion Kross and the NXT Championship. Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly, and Johnny Gargano are the three competitors but it seems highly likely Dunne won’t be the winner because he’s already somewhat invovled with Bobby Fish. Which leaves Gargano and O’Reilly. Who do you think moves on to face Kross at In Your House? Let us know below!

Elsewhere tonight, MSK defend the NXT Tag Team Championships against Legado Del Fantasma in what should be a barn-burner of a match. That’s all we know for sure about tonight’s show, but we’re likely to see more of that charming devil, Cameron Grimes, more from Hit Row, and some drama with Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis. And so much more.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



Tonight we will see MSK defend the Tag Team Titles against Legado Del Fantasma, and Kushida will host a Cruiserweight Championship open challenge. But up first, we find out who will challenge Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship at TakeOver: In Your House.

Number One Contender

Triple Threat

Pete Dunne Vs. Johnny Gargano Vs. Kyle O’Reilly

The match gets underway as soon as O’Reilly gets in the ring. The three of them trade shots and Johnny gets knocked from the ring. Dunne goes to work on the digits of O’Reilly and applies a triangle choke but in comes Gargano and he gets O’Reilly’s legs in a submission as well! O’Reilly is thrown out and Dunne takes Gargano down with a headlock.

Johnny fights out and hits a Frankensteiner but misses an arm-drag and Dunne goes to a surfboard stretch. O’Reilly kicks Dunne out of the ring, then takes Gargano down. Dunne comes in and bends both of their fingers at the same time and stomps on their hands. Dunne hits both with forearms in the corners, then Gargano and O’Reilly take turns in doing it as well but Johnny catches them both with a dragon screw at the same time.

Dunne gets an ankle lock on O’Reilly but gets sent outside where Gargano drops him. Gargano tries to hit a float-over DDT but Dunne catches him and snaps the fingers and O’Reilly knocks Dunne off the apron. Gargano capitalises and slams O’Reilly for a two-count as we head to the first break.

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O’Reilly slams Gargano onto Dunne for a two-count, then Pete rolls outside but O’Reilly leaps off the apron into him with a knee. Gargano takes out Kyle with a suicide dive, then Dunne, and then O’Reilly again. Back inside, Dunne kicks the head of both men and stomps on Kyle’s hands. Dunne hits a sit-out powerbomb to O’Reilly but Gargano breaks the pin. Dunne catches Johnny with an X-Plex for a near-fall.

Dunne catches O’Rielly with a standing Kimura and Johnny tries to break it. O’Reilly catapults Dunne out of the ring and catches Johnny in a kneebar. Dunne returns and stomps both, then wants The Bitter End but Gargano counters with a DDT. Gargano lawn darts Dunne into the buckles and hits O’Reilly at the same time. All three men get in at the same time and trade shots back and forth until O’Reilly catches them both with clotheslines and they’re all down.

Gargano wants a slingshot DDT but O’Reilly grabs him in a guillotine. Dunne grabs O’Reilly from behind with a sleeper, then Johnny grabs Dunne with the Gargano Escape. Pete snaps the fingers to escape, then hits The Bitter End but O’Reilly comes off the top with a flying knee to break it up. Dunne and O’Reilly trade kicks on the apron but Gargano knocks them both off.

Adam Cole comes down with a chair and beats all three men but targets O’Reilly specifically. Cole hits the referee in the process, then lands a brainbuster on Dunne and a Last Shot to O’Reilly on the floor, then one to Gargano in the ring. William Regal storms down with security and they make Cole leave, but not before he can get one last shot in on O’Reilly.

No Contest

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Ember Moon storms down to the ring and demands that Raquel Gonzalez come out and explain what she did to Shotzi Blackheart last week. Raquel comes out and William Regal tries to stop her but she brushes past him and runs into the ring where Moon unloads. Security come down and pull Gonzalez away before she can retaliate. Dakota Kai appears from behind Moon and beats her down. She and Raquel leave all smiles.

Santos Escobar is with Wilde and Mendoza backstage and he says they’ve always been there for him, so tonight he will be there for them when they win the NXT Tag Team Championships. Wilde says they will follow in his footsteps and become leaders of leaders.

LA Knight is walking backstage with a microphone and he comes down to the ring saying this is his show. Everybody’s got a price and tonight it’s some guy called Jake Atlas who drew the short stick. He has it on good authority that Ted Dibiase is watching backstage and he can see him drop this cross-eyed idiot. That’s just a fact of life.

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Earlier today, Drake Maverick was talking with Ever Rise outside when Hit Row showed up. Hit Row make fun of them and Maverick bites back. Swerve is getting annoyed when Killian Dain gets in his face and says if he has something to say he can say it to him. Swerve tells him to check his homie or they’ll both find themselves on the hit list.

LA Knight Vs. Jake Atlas

The match gets underway and Knight lands some right hands and talks about a million dollars. Atlas fights back with a springboard arm-drag, arm-wrench, and a submission. Knight tries to fight up but Atlas stays in control. Knight catches Atlas with a stun gun, then a big neckbreaker. Ted Dibiase comes down to ringside and Knight keeps talking to him, allowing Atlas to hit a springboard sunset flip for a near-fall.

Knight hits a body slam, then a Dibiase fist drop and constantly turns to the Hall of Famer to gauge his impressions. Knight puts Atlas on the middle rope near Dibiase and chokes him, then hits a running knee. Knight hits a flying shoulder tackle over the ropes, then poses on the ropes as Dibiase nods.

*Commercial Break*

Knight is still in control when we return. He counters a suplex and hits a neckbreaker. Knight wants the Million Dollar Dream but Knight wriggles free and htis a high crossbody for a two. Atlas rallies with forearms but gets thrown out of the ring. Knight poses on the ropes while Atlas just makes it back in the ring before ten. Knight and Atlas go back and forth in the ring and out comes Cameron Grimes to talk to Dibiase.

Atlas hits a brainbuster for a near-fall, then Knight hits a knee but Atlas fires back with a Death Valley driver, kick, and a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Atlas goes to the top rope but Knight jumps up with him, only to get distracted by Grimes and Dibiase. Knight slips and crotches himself on the top rope, then Atlas follows-up with a cartwheel DDT for the win!

Winner: Jake Atlas

Cameron Grimes loved that finish and he laughs. Dibiase shakes his head at Knight, who yells at him not to leave.

We’re in the trainer’s room where O’Reilly, Dunne and Gargano are getting treatment. Oney Lorcan berates the cameraman and says Dunne would be number one contender right now if it weren’t for Pete Dunne. Austin Theory comes up and takes umbridge and they start shoving each other and get pulled apart.

Ted Dibiase is interviewed and asked about who is fit to carry on his legacy. He says Knight dropped the ball and Grimes seems to have the brains as well as the brawn but Adam Cole storms past him towards the ring as we head to the break.

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Poppy will return to NXT next week for another music performance.

Adam Cole is in the ring and he says he first became NXT Champion two years ago on this very day. He says he is the real number one contender. He’s been gone for two months and had to watch as everyone tried to live up to his legacy and failed. He took out three of NXT’s biggest stars in one night and he wants the NXT Championship back. Which brings him to Karrion Kross. He sees right through the facade. He’s an overrated muscle-head who doesn’t belong in the ring with him. He held the NXT Championship for 403 days and that was no mistake.

Karrion Kross comes down to the ring with Scarlett. Kross says Cole’s motives are admirable but not smart. He says he was great but when he signed his NXT contract, Cole was special no longer. Cole interrupts him and says he’s no Adam Cole and never will be. NXT has done everything to make Kross look special, they gave him the music, the lights, the fog, and the girl. What do they do to make Cole special? They ring the damn bell. Kross can’t lace his boots and anyone who watches wrestling knows that. Kross isn’t special, he just happens to have his property.

William Regal comes down and says that he knows Cole is just trying to weasel his way into a title match at In Your House. Kross tells Regal to shut up and says he’ll decide what he wants. Kross says he wants everyone, give him Dunne, O’Reilly, Gargano and “this litle gas station attendant”, and he can kill them all in one night. Cole and Kross exchange words off mic and Adam gets out of the ring and stands on the announce desk, shouting that NXT is his show and always will be. Cole throws a water bottle and almost hits Scarlett and Kross looks quite pissed.

Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell are backstage for an interview. Candace starts talking but Indi is listening to music. Candace takes her headphones off and says she’s listening to 80’s power ballads, then makes her leave.

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Dexter Lumis picks-up Indi Hartwell’s headphones backstage and a tear is running down his cheek.

Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Kushida Vs. Carmelo Hayes

They lock-up and Carmelo rolls him up for a one-count. Hayes points at the Cruiserweight Championship before they lock-up again and Hayes takes him down with a headlock. Kushida fights up and shoots him off but Hayes hits a leapfrog, two arm-drags and a dropkick. Kushida backs him into the corner and chops him, then misses a lariat and Hayes trips him before hitting a flip kick for a two-count.

Kushida takes a headlock but Hayes fights up and Kushida clocks him with a kick. Kushida goes to the corner and wants a running forearm but Hayes catches him and backs him into the corner. Hayes drapes the Champion on the middle rope before hitting a springboard leg drop for a near-fall.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Carmelo has maintained control through the break but Kushida tosses him to the apron and knocks him off and into the plexi-glass. Kushida gets on the apron and hits a running knee drop to the arm of Hayes, then gets him back inside. Kushida attempts a knee drop from the top rope but Hayes dodges it and superkicks him. Hayes hits a facebuster and something like a springboard slingblade for a near-fall.

Kushida and Hayes trade shots but Kushida gets the best of it with some big kicks. Kushida shoots him off but Hayes catches him with a tilt-a-whirl armbreaker for another two-count. Kushida hits an arm-drag and a dropkick, then looks for the Hoverboard Lock but Hayes fights it off. Carmelo hits a springboard but Kushida forearms him in mid-air. Kushida hits a running kick to the amr, then applies the Hoverboard Lock for the win.

Winner: Kushida

MSK are backstage and Wes Lee says Legado can’t stop talking. They say all they do is dirty tactics to try and get title shots but that won’t help them tonight. They’re going to retain, all night and all day.

*Commercial Break*

Franky Monet is backstage with her dog and some stylists, and she’s boasting about her debut alst week.

Zoey Stark & Zayda Ramier Vs. The Way

We start with Ramier and Hartwell and Indi is aggressive at the outset. Indi hits a body slam and tags Candace, who continues the assault. Indi tags back in and tosses Zayda to the apron and kicks her. Candace back in and she takes a sleeper on Zayda. Ramier fights up but gets slammed back downa dn Indi tags in. Zayda drops Indi with an enziguiri and looks to make a tag but Candace cuts her off.

Stark does get the tag and runs over both Candace and Hartwell. Zayda tags in and Stark uses her for a wheelbarrow splash onto Candace for a two-count. Stark rushes in but Indi tosses her over the ropes. Candace hits a curb-stomp to Zayda, then tags Indi for a top-rope elbow drop and the pinfall.

Winners: The WAY

Mercedes Martinez is backstage and says Tien Shen wants to mark her as their next target, so be it. She says she already beat Xia Li in the Mae Young Classic and she knows she’s changed since then but so has she. Xia is standing in her way to the title and she’s not going to beat her this time, she’s going to run through her.

*Commercial Break*

Ember Moon is interviewed backstage and say she can’t understand why someone as big and strong as Raquel Gonzalez needs a gnat like Dakota to do her dirty work. Moon says she will get revenge on Kai next week, then take the thing that means the most to Raquel and become a two-time NXT Women’s Champion.



We kick things off with Lee and Wilde and they trade some holds and quick counters. Wilde fights free from a headlock and drops Lee, then gets backed into the corner and Carter tags in. Lee and Carter attempt a double-team but Wilde dodges it, sends Lee outside and dropkicks Carter. Mendoza gets the tag and he chops Carter in the corner, then suplexes Wilde onto him for a two-count.

All four men run in at the same time and Wilde tosses Carter into the buckles but Lee takes him out with a flipping kick. Grizzled Young Veterans come down the ramp but Ciampa and Thatcher attack tnem from behidn and the four men fight to the back. Lee and Carter toss Wilde and Mendoza to the floor, then both men hit oonsaults to take them down on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Mendoza is beating on Wes Lee. Tag to Wilde and they hit a double spinebuster, leg snap and dropkick. Escobar is watching from the announce desk and smiling. Wilde drives a knee into the back and wrenches the chin of Lee. He tries to rally but Wilde cuts him off with a back elbow.

Mendoza tags in and hits a tope to Lee, then tags Wilde for a springboard moonsault. Mendoza tags in and beats on Lee. Mendoza wants a suplex but Lee counters with a DDT. Tags to Carter and Wilde, and Nash hits some forearms and a dropkick. Carter hits a snapmare and kicks Mendoza off the apron, then Lee tags in and they hit a standing shove moonsault.

Wilde runs into the buckles and Mendoza tags himself in but Lee hits Wilde with a German suplex. Mendoza comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick, then a spinning neckbreaker for a near-fall. Lee is backed into the corner and Legado make a lot of tags and hit running splashes. Lee is put on the top rope and Wilde hits a Franeksteiner into a powerbomb from Mendoza for a near-fall.

Lee is tossed outside and Mendoza distracts the referee, allowing Escobar to toss him into the steel steps. Lee is sent back inside and Legado hit the Russian leg sweep/enziguiri and cover but Nash breaks the pin attempt. Escobar cant’ believe it and, from out of nowhere, Bronson Reed smashes him against the barricade! MSK knock Mendoza from the ring and hit Wilde with a Hart Attack blockbuster for the win!

Winners: MSK

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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