Enzo Amore took a DDT on concrete at an SWE show over the weekend. He was taken to a hospital after getting stretchered out of the building. Now he’s out of the hospital and he has a lot to say.

NZO dropped a video after his release from the hospital. He thanked fans for their support. This entire time he was in a neck brace and a suit jacket.

Amore said that he considers prayers like “pennies from Heaven.” Then he stated that if he had a dime for every time that he was knocked down, but didn’t get up, he would have “zero dimes.”

Of course, Amore used the “zero dimes” catchphrase in WWE. They even sold quite a few pieces of merchandise with that catchphrase on it. He delivered that catchphrase with a lot of passion this time.


As NZO yelled “zero dimes,” he smashed a piggy bank with a hammer. All the while he remained seated in a chair. We’ll have to see when Enzo Amore makes his return to the ring, but he certainly hasn’t lost the gift of gab.

Will Enzo Amore ever come back to WWE? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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