Ryback is all about the plant-based lifestyle, and he’s living proof that sticking to the diet and a hardcore workout regiment pays off. He is also on the crusade to convince others that his method is the best way to go about things.

The Big Guy recently had a big win as a survey he put out finally came back saying that he shouldn’t retire. He sent out several surveys that came back with a resounding opinion that he should hang up his boots. He was very happy that the “power of India” pulled through for him.

While posing an argument for going vegan, Ryback questioned why humans don’t eat each other. He suggested that cooked human meat might taste really good if seasoned properly. Then he said the same mindset should go for animals.

Why don’t we eat other humans? I’m sure the lean meat with seasoning & cooked to our liking would give us protein, but we fundamentally understand it’s morally wrong. There’s no difference with animals. We don’t need to be killing them & eating them. Once we value life we get it.


We’ll have to see if Ryback wins over any converts to the veggie lifestyle with this tweet. He did make a very compelling argument for living a plant-based life. He also suggested that human meat probably tastes really good if it’s cooked correctly.

Ryback is ready for a television return. He hasn’t appeared on television in quite some time, but you never know when he’ll show up again. Just remember that when he yells: “FEED ME MORE,” he is only interested if nothing on his plate ever had a heartbeat.

Did Ryback win you over to the vegan lifestyle with this tweet? Are you now considering dabbling in cannibalism instead? Sound off in the comments!

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